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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wow... well, this definitely ain't boring

It's definitely exciting when the lawyers get involved... yep, Cafaro will sue anyone who misstates her immunity deal thingy. It's certainly an aggressive move, although I can't say that it's what I'd have done if I had the power and authority to make those choices. Sounds a bit harsh... but almost understandable at this point. I imagine if I were in the center of a tornado, I'd do anything I could to fight back. Of course, it also gives Gary Kucinich something that he hasn't had in quite a while... attention, which is the biggest issue I would take strategically with the move.

Yep, Brother of Dennis gets his share of coverage, since it was apparently he who got this brouhaha started. He sounds the appropriate martyr tone...

From the Morning Journal:

Kucinich is not concerned with the threat of a lawsuit from his opponent.''I will not be intimidated by someone who is a billionaire,'' he said. ''She can never cover up the truth. The question remains: Why did she ask for immunity if she didn't do anything wrong?''

Well Gary, since you keep bringing it up, let's look at it. According to her letter,she did not insist on immunity. But considering the source, we'll look deeper.

The Elyria Chronicle Reporter Steven Szucs had a similar question, it appears, and talked to a local attorney

From the ECT:

Lorain attorney Jack Bradley, who is not affiliated with Cafaro, agreed that offers of immunity are common and accepting any such offer would be a smart move. “You should still get immunity even if you didn’t do anything wrong,” he said.

But even after that... I still don't know what the hell to make of all this. It is bizarre on a whole number of angles. Maybe Tom Sawyer is taking the best political strategy, in speaking to the Morning Journal:

Former Congressman Tom Sawyer, also a Democratic candidate for the 13th District seat, said yesterday he had not yet read the letter. The former Akron mayor said he has paid little attention to the issue and his campaign has no intention of pursuing it.''I have no intention of undertaking that issue,'' Sawyer said. ''That's in the past.''

In other notes on this issue... I actually have a copy of the "newspaper" in question being distributed by Gary K. It's quite a funny read. It appears to be an ad hoc publication dedicated entirely to pimping Kucinich. Where there aren't articles praising Gary, there are Gary ads... The odd thing, is that it claims an actual masthead and a history of printing since 1967... A vanity newspaper with that long a history might be a sign of some severe narcissism.

The persons listed on the Masthead themselves are also quite interesting... it appears dominated by a Huffman family, including a Gina Huffman. This comes as really odd, as a Gina Huffman is also the Treasurer of the Northeast Ohio Voter Education Fund, which sent out a fundraising letter earlier this campaign to a number of "Democrat and Republican" voters dedicated to "keeping Capri Cafaro out of Congress." So wheels within wheels are working here.

So as usual, "everything seems to be up in the air at this time. One day soon, it will all settle down," as the boys of Camper Van Beethoven once said... It's a shame, there just so much to cover, and my personal issues keep me from it... Cafaro ads are on the air, Sutton and EMILY's List direct mail pieces are in the mailboxes, so much to discuss... What's next, Mike Lyons engaging in self-immolation to protest his lack of coverage? Tom Sawyer whitewashing a fence? Anything else we haven't seen yet?

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Blogger Hattie Nuff said...

"Anything else we haven't seen yet?"

You should know better than to ask that question in this race!

4:40 PM

Blogger ~*~ said...

Whoda thunk it? Glad to find some serious Ohio political bloggers!

1:49 PM

Blogger Mark said...

Hey -

Anyone going to the Republican devate tomorrow at the City Club of Cleveland?

I am going to try to hit both debates... The Dem debate is on the 26th.


7:07 AM

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Blogger Hattie Nuff said...

The Anybody But Capri campaign officially endorses Gary Kucinich. Here's why:

- Gary Kucinich's platform is one a person with a strong conscience could easily support. His stances are not wishy-washy - he knows what he believes in and what he will fight for, he's not just parroting back the results of the last poll.

- He's not a part of the Democratic bland-o-matic machine.

- He's got a brother who has a whole heck of a lot of time in Congress who could help him learn the ropes.

- He's got a deep understanding of Northeast Ohio politics from supporting his brother's campaigns.

- He is a good, honest working guy from here who actually understands what life is like for the rest of us because he lives the same way we do.

- He understands how badly this corporate war culture is destroying our country and is willing to roll up his sleeves and put a stop to it.

- He could raise a whole bunch of money if he taps his brother's supporters on a national level.

Gary's campaign is picking up. I hear he's getting volunteers signing up on his website - - and they are out with yard signs. There are so many people who want to put a stop to this war - and to the politicians who look the other way while our world standing and economic future are destroyed. Hopefully on election day, we'll find out just how many people there are who are finished tolerating this culture of war.

By the way, my birthday is on November election day again. The last time it was on election day was that awful horrible 2000 Presidential election. Just shoot me now! (only kidding Capri!)

And no, there won't be a "Gary Kucinich for Congress" thong.

- Karen Kilroy

PS - the ABC stuff will be collectable, if you want anything it is only available until the primary. After that it is gone. Don't ask me for Anybody But Capri stuff after the primary, I won't be able to order it any more.

2:49 PM

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