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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sorry, an observation, and who knows what else WITH UPDATE

First, my apologies for the absence. I had some news of a medical nature that has kind of taken the wind out of my sails. It's been a rough week, and I apologize to you all.

An observation... I love and hate the blogging process. I enjoy hearing and arguing with the readers, the ability to shape discourse, and even the writing and researching process... brngs back grad school memories... But it's rouch blogging, never knowing if the message you intended gets through, and in general, the sense of convincing or not convincing the same X people over and over again... it gets frustrating. But thems the breaks... maybe it's just the detritus of an entirely shitty week being washed up...

As for today... Openers notes that Sutton is on the offensive again against Sawyer, this time on the issue of Congressional Junkets... While it is my feeling that strategically, attacking, and attacking on such perks of incumbency is a good idea for Sutton, I am concerned about junkets not taking off as an issue. They really should, as they are in many ways a visible sign of the arrogance of too many elected officials... Notice that they are rarely if ever to Des Moines or Wichita or other less than touristy locales, these trips... It's one thing to take an argicultural junket to Dubuque, Iowa, but when politicians get free trips to Vegas and overseas to discuss things that certainly can be more reasonably and economically discussed in less exotic places.

Yet it's never taken off. Lot's of campaigns tried nationwide to make it work in 2004, and few if any got real traction on the issue. I'm hoping that what has happened with Ney is a sign it may work elsewhere, but Ney also has other significant ethical issues.

What is funny though, is that Sutton also got some attention for a trip she took in the State House... nothing quite so untoward as a "junket" apparently, but in 1997, the Plain Dealer noted that she missed the swearing in ceremony for that House session when she took an overseas trip to Singapore. The House Dem spokesman called it a planned trip, and it is not apparent from the article whether or not it was paid for by her, or an organization, but it seems noteworthy. UPDATE: The Sutton Campaign informs me this was a planned family vacation.

I bring this up not to bash Sutton, because, although I dislike the way in which certain DC entities have attempted to involve themselves in the race on her behalf, I kind of like her. It's just really indicative of the problem with negative attacks... everyone has negatives, and as campaigns devolve into who's less bad than whom, we get politicians and interest groups more adept at throwing mud than actually making or shaping policy. We have a class of people whose role in life is to tell people how to get elected, and how to destroy those who oppose them.

Also, in the ironic department, EMILY's List sent out a letter accusing the NRA of meddling in the 13th district by endorsing Capri Cafaro. While the NRA may not reflect the values of the 13th perfectly, I am damn sure that EM's list doesn't either. So, essentially, they are making an issue about the NRA meddling where they are already meddling... because they were first... Oh, in a perfect world, who knows, the people of the 13th could make up their own damned minds, and not have either group meddle?

But that won't happen, and at the end, it is kinda funny... I love this game!

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Blogger Hattie Nuff said...

Gary Kucinich got 2 pretty nice endorsements

John Murtha re the Iraq War
Marcy Kaptur re NAFTA

You can watch the brief videos here:

4:53 AM

Blogger OHi3 said...

Someone is advising Sutton to use tough words, so that she will at least sound tough in print. I am not impressed.

She should stick to the issues.

5:00 AM


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