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Friday, April 21, 2006

Hospital Memoirs, TV Land, and an Elephant Stampede

Well, I must say we at Ohio 13 were hoping that all of the excitement would hold off for a week while I made somewhat of a speedy recovery from a minor operation. To our faithful readers: Thank you for your kind support as this has been a stressful time...and what a time to have to endure it.

As the final week of campaigning approaches for all candidates throughout the state, our television sets will be flooded with messages like, "If Ken Blackwell gets elected, some mean person will run up and steal your child's blanket..." and "Capri Cafaro cannot be bought now or never!" and most recently, "If you and your colleagues are ever hijacked, don't worry, Betty Sutton will run like the wind." Speaking of Betty, during my lovely hospital visit, an Ohio13 teammember brought my mail during visiting hours, which included a few pieces of literature on behalf of her candidacy. As expected, the literature was brought to my doorstep courtesy of Emily's List. I know I have touched upon the issue before, but for someone with a supposed history of standing up to lobbyists and interest groups that now embraces a special interest group, this has some irony to it. It basically reaffirms her alliance with Washington and a pre-mature beltway mentality, introducing herself early on as someone that can be controlled by groups outside of her constituency. 2006 is supposed to be the year the Democrats don't run their races from DC, but Betty's campaign seems to be the black sheep in that flock.

As far as the other side of the aisle is concerned, we wonder what the GOP primary numbers will end up being. The democrats have been taking their own polls, and for good reason. But will Foltin remain the golden boy for the remaining 8 days? It seems that McGrew and Burtlaff have been making a final push, especially with visibility. Foltin has the cash, but obviously is not spending much. It looks like he is utilizing the Tom Sawyer method of assuming he will walk into the nomination.

Finally, the Cafaro factor. We know her ads will continue through election day, but will they be countered with attack ads? Whatever the case, the City Club debate on Wednesday promises to be the culminating event at which each candidate will have the opportunity to start making their final pitch. Ohio 13 would like to know what questions you think she be asked aside from what is already known. What issues (aside from Sawyer's back taxes and congressional trips, Cafaro's immunity, or Sutton's special interests) should be brought before the candidates that deserve more light? We want to know what you would do if you were the moderator...our eyes and ears are waiting.


Blogger NickLin said...

Good points John. Welcome back. It will be interestedto see how the Republican fight ends up. Interesteing to see what kind of ads Ortega spends his money on.

Betty Sutton is in trouble. That's apparent. Anytime you see Capri getting hammered by the people writing Betty's blog at Ohio 13, it is easy to see why. She needs to play catch up.

5:06 AM

Blogger NickLin said...

Oh, by the way. I didn't get the Kem Blackwell commercial bit at first. But I know what you're talking about, I saw it. It is kind of funny. They keep stealing that kid's blanket over and over.

5:41 AM

Blogger Jill said...

Ok - my naivete will show here, and I'm not voting in the 13th, and I've never met Betty Sutton or Tom Sawyer or most of the other candidates in the 13th - but remind why it's bad to have a group comprised of 100K females - Emily's List - declare their support for you? I agree that it's unfortunate that women even need a group like Emily's List to help vaunt them over the male dominance in political office. And I don't like to see women pitted against one another. But how exactly are they akin to the tobacco lobby or the pharm lobbby or the farm lobby etc., or even the Black Caucus?

I respect your blog, John, and hope you're well on the way to mending. But I found your indictment of Emily's List - as a general proposition - curious. Could you please explain further?

10:20 AM

Blogger Ohio 13 said...


I didn't mean to start a feminist movement against me or anyone from Ohio13. I certainly would not want to get one started with you, because I am afraid you would haunt me until my final days and never let me live it down.

My point was that politics of the democratic party have been frustrating, and races being managed or directed from DC need to stop. I was not creating this sentiment, I was echoing it from chief female strategists like Donna Brazile. I happened to catch a glimpse of her recently and could not have agreed more. Because this DC group happens to be Emily's List is one wouldnt matter if it were the National Committee to Elect Star Trek is the principle of the matter. Nothing is wrong with empowering women...


5:03 PM

Blogger Jill said...

John, you do know that only you have the power to let memories of my tenacity haunt you for the rest of your living days. And nights, while we're at it. :) Thanks for the compliment, at any rate.

I hear what you're saying, I'm just not sure that, for women, there's any other way to do it. I understand your argument re: managing from DC. That disgusts me as well. I'll have to pay more attention to Ms. Brazille.

Thanks for taking my question in the vein it was asked.

7:21 PM

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