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Friday, April 28, 2006

Emily's Pissed

Here we go again. In light of Pho's post the other day, I too went outside to retrieve my mail only to find another piece of literature from Emily for Congress, or, Betty Sutton to some. This time, Emily takes a break from attacking Tom Sawyer and takes a stab at Capri Cafaro. We have some tid bits on here like "Capri testified to get immunity..." and "We can't trust her."These items, already in speculation, come as no surprise from Emily.

Once again, after failing to establish a complaint with any merit whatsoever against Sawyer (since Sutton herself benefitted from the same trips when she was in the state house from special interest groups) money has been spent in a way that does not focus on Sutton's strengths. We could have seen a literature piece focusing on a plan of action, not a plan of protest.

This situation reminds me of an episode from Seinfeld that guest starred Raquel Welch. Elaine got caught up on the street in Ms. Welch's path and ended up with some heavy scratches. Emily, Betty, Capri... all in one ring. To quote the great J. Peterman on the show, "I smell the makings of a good 'ol fashioned cat fight....woof!"


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