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Monday, March 20, 2006

WeekendRoundup, or why does Mike Krzyzewski hate America?

Before we get into the beaucoup political news swirling about, there's the matter of basketball. What the hell happened to my brackets!??! In all seriousness, this is one of the best first weekends in recent memory, with upsets, cinderalla runs, last second shots... if only Duke had lost, it would have been perfect. In the spirit of full disclosure, I despise Duke basketball. Anyone who claims moral superiority while bending the rules the way Duke does gains my wrath in the sporting world. I'd elaborate further, but I'm afraid I could write all week on the topic. Let's just say that by beating a team named after our first President, Duke showed that they hate America.

As for the Ohio Bloggers Bracket... "Lorain At Large" is leading the field by 4 points, but frequent commenter "campaign addict" is in the best position, with by far the most possible points yet to get. Big ups to me for picking Wichita State to beat Tennessee.

As for politics, we have a bunch to cover, and as usual, the political world of Ohio 13 revolves around Capri Cafaro. First, she's opened the spending floodgates by breaching the millionaire's amendment. Essentially, this means that her opponents can get donations of up to triple the individual limit... While for most of the field, this will have negligible impact (Over Under for combined $6,300 donations for Grace, Kucinich, Sawyer, Wolfe, Dennerll, and Lyons is at 10- for entertainment purposes only), this can help Betty Sutton. Thanks to the support of EMILY's List and lawyers, she's the one candidate with a reasonable shot of getting some of these mega-donations. This development is interesting, as it may give her the momentum to become a player again... although, judging by the polling, Betty's got a lot of work to do.

As well, Cafaro received the NRA endorsement, which sent off a tizzy of responses from the assembled field. My favorite is from Gary Kucinich (last item), who in his usual sober and measured language, said:

"Apparently, Cafaro doesn't want to represent people, she wants to shoot them.''

Oh, Gary... always good to add some perspective as to why us D's aren't always the most popular in rural districts. I wonder if other Dems who've earned the NRA endorsement just want to shoot their constituents? Waiting for word on a Rep. John Murtha shooting spree.

Apparently, Cafaro was also doing door to door in Lorain County this weekend, as
she happened upon Scott's door at Word of Mouth. Go to Scott for his take, but needless to say, she made an impression.

Otherwise, there was an interesting piece in the Lorain Morning Journal about Grace and Foltin's respective runs. They prove to be a study in contrasts, as it becomes apparent that one mayor knows what he's doing, and the other is kind of hoping for a miracle to get out of the primary. Yep, even the LMJ notes that critics are wondering if Grace's heart is really in the race. He certainly is not running like someone looking to win, and I do not see how a loss helps his long-term prospects.

Well, I'm sure there's more out there, but that's enough for one sitting. Catch ya'll soon.

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Blogger redhorse said...

Ah, yes, my bracket is also in shambles. I suppose that's okay, I've stopped whining about anyway!

And is it me or is the MSM bound and determined to knock of SMH by themselves? Interesting that they should continue to hammer at her.

Time for someone else to step up and start making waves...

8:13 AM

Blogger scott bakalar said...

I don't usually do the NCAA brackets, I think we all can see why by now. Way to go Big 10!

11:09 AM

Blogger CampaignAddict said...

Never ever ever bet on the big 10 in B-ball, i'm a dyed in the wool Michigan fan (let the jeers begin) and love the Big-10, but they never perform at the big dance

5:28 PM

Blogger redhorse said...

Never perform, CA? last year they had three in the elite eight, 2 in the final four, and one in the championship game.

this is the first time in 10 years the big 10 won't have a team in the sweet sixteen.

the only non-east coast team that team that's won a national title this decade came from the big ten.

I'd call that a pretty good record.

5:47 AM


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