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Monday, March 06, 2006

Weekend Roundup, or failing that, an infomercial

Well, as we know by now, and as Pho has covered, Capri Cafaro hit the airwaves with her infomercial. Pho was not impressed. Frankly, I thought the ad was a bit much, but I find it difficult to be too critical when a candidate at least tries to put something forward. Yeah, she stumbled on some words, moved around too much, and her plans may or may not work, but hell, she's the only candidate with any kind of plan, as of yet. Occasional vague issue pronouncements are all we have from the rest of the field.

A couple of quibbles with Pho's piece, which should be commended on the whole because he made it the whole way through the ad (and I don't care how big a political junkie one is, making it through a 30 minute political ad is an act of heroism), and raised some strong points as to potential spanners in the Cafaro works. First, I don't think it's fair to draw the conclusion that Cafaro will have no ground game because she's on the air. It's March... groundgame season is just beginning. Second, as far as saving receipts being a problem, I just did my taxes. I save my receipts for tolls and gas, which are a pain in the ass, because they'll save me a few bucks. I think i'd find a way to save my proof of purchase for a car or appliance if it could save me a good deal more money. I'm not an economist (My B+ in Econ 101 notwithstanding), so I'll not comment on the practicality of the plan in the greater sense, other than to say, i'd figure that lowering costs of goods, however indirectly, would increase demand, even if the goods are somewhat inferior in quality (and I'll let Pho deal with that fight on whether U.S. cars are inferior to Japanese autos. I'm biased towards late-model junkers of any extraction, and barely know how to change the oil.).

Frankly, the ad bored me, because I'm not a policy wonk, and Cafaro is. And yes, the infomercial is a medium ripe for poking fun. But now, she's on the record, and that is something.

The real issue may be the net which Cafaro finds herself in... to those opposed to her, she's in a no win situation. If she had done nothing, she'd be accused of not having any ideas. If she publicizes ideas on the air, she's trying to buy the election. If she buys 30 second ads, she'll be accused of being vague and incomplete. Buy an infomercial, she gets hammered for that. I get the idea that some of her critics will only be happy if she jumps off a bridge. Well, I guess thems the breaks when your name is the one on the marquee.

Elsewise, not too terribly much to report. I'm sure everyone did the events and made the rounds this weekend, but frankly, my attention was elsewhere, and i did not care too damn much. I mean, honestly, it's championship week! March is just a rotten time to have a political campaign... It should be a monthlong semi-holiday to celebrate the glory that is the NCAA tourney. Go Buckeyes. If there is sufficient interest, I may sponsor an Ohio13 bracket poll (for bragging rights only, natch). I'll certainly post my bracket here, because, in the scheme of things, it's what really matters.

More for ya soon, some of it not related to basketball, I swear.

OH 13


Blogger redhorse said...

by all means, host a bracket pool. I'll be there.

10:53 AM

Blogger Ohio 13 said...

The Ohio Blogger Brackets... more details to follow, but I'll have to figure out how to publicize it...

Probably run it through Yahoo or something.


11:57 AM


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