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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sawyer's poll, Hoffman's agenda, and other fun stuff

On a campaign, sometimes you need a puff piece, when things are looking bleak and when you want to regain faith in yourself and your flagging campaign. Any good campaign knows the journos they can go to in order to get this kind of unfailingly polite, almost sycophantic piece. I think when Tom Sawyer looks at Steve Hoffman, the line from "The Waterboy" before the pivotal onside kick scene pops into his mind. "Yeah, that's my bitch."

Yes, Tom Sawyer knows he has a friendly face in the media crowd. Today's ABJ has an article today that is almost saccharinely sweet towards ol' Tom. The title alone, "Is NAFTA now Sawyer's friendly ghost?" manages to make his huge, overriding negative, sound almost happy and joyful in nature and tone. Yes, you know this is a puff piece when NAFTA is no big deal to voters anymore (and frankly, does anyone believe the poll results that only about 32% of DEM PRIMARY VOTERS care about NAFTA? Wow, they must have really softened that question. And note he doesn't give an actual vote percentage as impacted only by this question)

He manages to hide the facts that could make the report less Sawyer-rific; Just in passing, he notes the poll happened before the polling deadline, and if one reads combines an early statement in the article :

"On the Democratic side, Akron's Tom Sawyer is the closest thing to an incumbent."

with the total of 35% undecided, and the fact that Tom Sawyer is, practically, the incumbent, this means that, should one apply the incumbent rule, Tom Sawyer is about maxed out in support, and likely can only go down. And unless you live in Steve Hoffman's rose-colored world, you recognize that this poll is not the great great news it appears to Tom Sawyer.

Of course, Hoffman is there for Sawyer when Sawyer needs some Faux News-esque spin. This isn't the first time. Remember this piece, where Hoffman seemed almost in tears that Sawyer was being discounted because mean old working people and unions didn't like being lied to about Sawyer's NAFTA vote, including the following quote:

"What's really misleading is that the anti-trade mentality looks backward, envisioning a different time, when low-skill, high-wage jobs in heavy industry were available even to those who did not attain a high school degree.
The ultimate betrayal is to sell voters on the idea that that those economic conditions can somehow be recreated if only free trade is halted."

Yep, basic democratic values of protecting American jobs are evil. We must become Republicans, according to Sawyer and Hoffman. Join the global community, because every job we export means Wal-mart has a bigger potential employment pool.

A quick Lexis-Nexis search will reveal that Sawyer may be Hoffman's Valentine. This is more of the same pro-Sawyer puffery for Hoffman.

Having not seen the entire poll (because apparently OH 13 is not reliably pro-Sawyer enough to be vouchsafed such information), it is difficult to say it is good, bad, mediocre, or a push poll. Judging by Sawyer's past experience, where his polling claimed a big lead just before Primary Election Day 2002, only to get crushed by Tim Ryan, we're really biased towards skepticism. But too much smells here to give it much credence.

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Blogger Tim Russo said...

sawyer had polling the week before the 2002 primary that showed him leading by 17 points. he lost by 14.

8:23 AM

Blogger Ohio 13 said...

Yep... That's in the piece I linked near the end of the piece... It's from Campaign and elections magazine, and it's a very informative article. Apparently, Howie Chizek is savaging Sawyer and the article in the ABJ on WNIR as I write.


9:05 AM

Blogger The Beltway Observer said...

Check Out thi article

Interesting the GOP side

6:24 PM


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