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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rep. Brown says something on the race...

We're just not quite sure what it means. Or actually, according to Sherrod Brown, "it means what anyone wants it to mean."

From Openers: (Sorry for just copying most of it, but there's no good way to edit it down to keep the meaning).

Brown, a Democrat, isn't seeking reelection as the representative of the
13th congressional district because he is running for the U.S. Senate. Eight
Democrats seek to replace him, and one of them - Betty Sutton - says Brown
encouraged her to run.

But when The Plain Dealer asked Brown spokesman Ben Wikler about that
claim, Wikler would neither confirm or deny it. His only comment:"Sherrod is
excited by the breadth and depth of Democratic talent from across northeast Ohio
that's come out for the race."


When Sutton was told that the Brown campaign refused to confirm her
oft-made claim, she was nonplussed. Minutes later, Wikler called The Plain
Dealer back and said Brown had indeed encouraged Sutton to run.

But Wikler was once again stuck for an answer when asked whether Brown
supports Sutton''s campaign, and whether he knew that two other Democratic
candidates - Tom Sawyer and Elyria Mayor Bill Grace - both say Brown told them
he would be neutral in the race.
A short time later Brown himself called and said, "I encouraged Betty
Sutton to run but I'm not making an endorsement in this

Does that mean you support Sutton or not?

"It means what anyone wants it to mean," Brown said. "I've said what I'm
going to say."

Alrighty then... so, predictions of a Brown endorsement seen elsewhere appear to be greatly exaggerated... or maybe not, who knows? Sounds like everyone is singing from different hymnals here. If Brown is not endorsing, it's the right decision, IMHO... Little tangible beneft to being right in his pick, plenty of downside if he's wrong. I know there's an ego boost to being able to handpick your successor, but when it comes down to it, getting involved does no good for Brown.


Blogger politicalknifefight said...

My sources tell me that Sutton has made several false claims of endorsement. She told everyone she had labor support - meaning "big labor". She did not get the AFL endorsement and no major union has endorsed her. She has gotten the firefighters endorsement, who by the way are endorsing Dewine, not Brown. She claimed she got the steelworker's endorsement. Then we find out "it is as close as we can get to an endorsement". I'm not sure what that means. You're either endorsed or you're not. There is no such thing as an almost endorsement. So she isn't endorsed. Then she tells everyone Sherrod Brown is endorsing her. I guess this is another "it is as close as we can get to an endorsement". At least Grace is perfectly honest on his website. When you look at his endorsements, it says "Coming Soon".

7:26 AM

Blogger OHi3 said...

I'm surprised Sherrod even endorsed Brunner for Secretary of State, even though she used to work for him.
I have seen candidates clamor for the Sherrod endorsement virtually every time a race of any magnitude happens in Lorain County.
Sherrod is decidedly non-committal, and it's one of the reasons I don't believe he ever told Paul Hackett he wouldn't run for Senate. He just doesn't make promises he knows he might not be able to keep, and he doesn't favor one candidate over another, or it might lose him support in one camp or another. He is, however, very generous with other office holders. He regularly shares his own war chest, donating equal amounts to each D candidate in a particular race.

10:06 AM

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