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Friday, March 10, 2006

Ohio Bloggers Bracket

Consider this your written invite. It's hosted at Yahoo, because we're lazy and Yahoo is easy. It's under Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Tournament Pick'em. (Just click the link, and follow the easy as pie instructions. )

Create a Pick set name, then choose Join existing Group.

The Group name is Ohio Bloggers Bracket
The Group ID # is 34824
The Group password is buckeye (all small letters)

We are the first registrants, the oh so originally named Ohio13.

Hope to see everyone register. Heck, a free front page post should be great incentive. Candidates especially should get involved... get your free ink here. Emily's List, Capitol Hill Staffers, and Campaign staff... you all visit, so you all can get your free shot to reach our readers.

Best of Luck (although when...uh... if I win, what will I do with a free front page post?),


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