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Friday, March 24, 2006

Lyons is online, Sawyer has a new buddy, and the weekend

From Ohio 2006, who I have to say must be the hardest-working blogger around these parts, we find that Mike Lyons is online. He has an intorductory video, in which he looks only somewhat similar to the photo at the top of the page... hair consistency is important, candidates!

I'll leave the commentary sparse, and let the readers discuss the relative merits of the site.

In other news, the Sawyer train keeps chugging... Don Plusquellic, Mayor-for-life of Akron (I kid because I love) has joined the Sawyer campaign as a co-chair. Not too surprising, they're old buds, and as the article says, Don P. is returning a favor from long ago. Still, frankly among officeholders, Plusquellic is among the biggest names to get, so it's a good get for Sawyer. Still waiting to see signs of life from his campaign... will he repeat the 2002 strategy, or does he plan on a more aggressive campaign?

Otherwise, the weekend is upon us... unless something huge breaks, we'll see ya'll monday. Consider this your open thread.

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Blogger OhioExile said...

Other things of note in the papers today:

Dems Comment on the war:

ABJ article on Foltin:

NY Times article on Female Candidates: (Note, neither Sutton nor Cafaro are mentioned)

Thats all I got for now, will post anything else that I find in my surfing.

10:06 AM

Blogger OhioExile said...

Dayton Daily News about former Ohio congressman running for re-election, a little blurb on Tom Sawyer.

3 former congressmen in hunt to return to Hill

Thats it for now, sure I'll have more to post later on.

6:28 AM

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