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Friday, March 03, 2006

Filling the MSM void, and weekend open thread

Sometimes, we wonder if we really matter. Then "journalism" like what we see this morning happens, and we realize we exist to fill a void. Yep, the Elyra Chronicle Tribune apparently decides to only cover the opening hour or so of events in the district, managing to miss the most important stories in the process. Oh well, we guess we're here to cover for the MSM when they get lazy.

The ECT has a story today discussing a candidate forum held at the UAW Local 425 Hall. Or, we should say, discussing the first hour or so of it. From the article, one would guess that only three candidates showed up, including only two of our cast of characters, Sawyer and Grace. Boy oh boy, do they miss the lede.

First, Dennis Kucinich was there, to speak in place of his brother. Maybe there's a hidden cache of celebrities in Elyria and Lorain that make the appearance of a sitting Congressman unworthy of note, but barring that, we would think it warrants at least a passing mention. As well, it neglects to mention that Cafaro, Sutton, Wolfe and even Dennerll were in attendance. Cafaro's appearance seems particularly newsworthy, considering the UAW endorsed her and all. (Sources say that this event continues the pattern of pro-Cafaro crowds, which considering the previous fact, should not be considered surprising. Sutton acquitted herself fairly well as well, particularly in comparison to Grace and Sawyer).

The ECT is nice enough to give Grace and Sawyer a venue in which to engage in their favorite hobby: in their free time, they apparently both are avid amateur revisionist historians. Bill Grace when questioned on Wal-Mart:

“You will not find me either shopping at Wal-Mart nor hear me defending them,” Grace said.

We don't need to hear you, Wal-Mart Willie, we have documentary evidence.

''That's the knight in shining armor of the residents who don't want Wal-Mart,'' Grace said of the design review board. ''Whatever is offered, the residents (who don't want Wal-Mart to come in) won't likely be satisfied.''
Gibbs accused Grace last night of lying to citizens regarding the Planning Commission -- which will discuss the issue today -- and Wal-Mart. He also suggested Grace has an underlying motive with Forest City Land Group, the developer that owns the Chestnut Commons property.
''Apparently, you like to hit somebody (blind-side),'' Gibbs said to the mayor. ''Maybe you have an underlying motive with Forest City.''

yep, those mean old constituents are being mean to the poor defenseless megalith, and no matter how Wal-Mart Willie tries to thrust the Wal-Mart on them, there's no pleasing them. Bad constituents. Bad, Bad Bad constituents.

And of course, it's not an article unless it includes a discussion of that old "political misstep" by Tom Sawyer. That's like saying that Ann Coulter has a slight lean to the right Tom Sawyer on trade:

“We need to learn from the experience of the last 25 years and work together to rebuild Northeast Ohio while strengthening our global alliances,” Sawyer said. “We also need to make sure members of the World Trade Organization exercise al the leverage they can to erase the trade disparities and continued exploits of cheap Chinese labor.”

In other words, it's not my fault that after I voted to give away America's leverage in the global economy, it's the WTO's fault for not doing what we want. Geez Tom, who woulda thunk that if you give up economic sovereignity, bad stuff would happen? We're sure no one saw that coming... If you invite a child molester to run your Boy's and Girl's club, you can't express surprise when a child gets molested. Tom Sawyer is tryng, though.

As for the open thread, our question is, what sources, MSM and Blogs, do you find the most and least reliable? Who do you trust for your political info? Catch ya Monday.

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Blogger John said...

Sutton, Cafaro, Dennerrl ALL spoke at the forum.

3:28 PM

Blogger John said...

sorry lost my glasses

3:28 PM

Blogger poli speak said...

Wow, what a fair and balanced synopsis that was. What journalism school was that you were talking about?

5:36 AM

Blogger Tucker's # 1 Fan said...

I thought the Cafaro commercial was great! Loved her comments on being able to get things done!

8:36 AM


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