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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ever reach a point where you stop caring? UPDATED and UPDATED AGAIN

I can't say I don't care anymore about the race, but between the NCAA Tournament (horrible job, Selection Committee, BTW) and the way this race is going, it's really tough to keep focused and motivated on this. However, I will fight through, and post a bit on the recent past.

1. Anti-Capri wear.

Yep, there's now stylish Anti-Capri wear for anybody of the anti-Cafaro movement, at the Anybody but Capri Shopping Mall . I'm not sure that the thong is indicative of the values voters like in DC, but hey, no one asked me.

What is interesting, however, is the coverage of it today in Openers. Turns out, Karen Kilroy is the mastermind behind NEOhio's newest shopping experience. This caught my eye, especially considering that the text says she is not aligned with any candidate, beyond designing John Wolfe's website. Has Karen left the Wolfe Campaign? I have a press release in my mailbox, from the address, from "Karen Kilroy, Wolfe for Congress" dated Jan. 12, 2006. If she has, all's good. If not, our friendly neighborhood 79-year old candidate has some 'splainin' to do. UPDATE: Karen explained in the comments. She is no longer on the Wolfe staff, and is doing this on her own.

Frankly, I hope she has and it's above board, because it's very indicative of the bizarre nature of this race. I had a feeling when the three of us started this blog that this race would be a melding of the absurd and the sublime, and and an anti-Capri Cafaro shopping mall certainly qualifies in one, and possibly both of those categories. Although, again, the thong has limited campaigning value, unless that campaign is going where only Clinton's interns have gone before...

2. Cafaro Infomercial #2 was up. I watched bits and pieces of it... it's an infomercial for chrissakes! I did catch Cafaro making a response to the Traficant issue, which was a surprise. Otherwise, it was an infomercial.

3. Are Grace, Kucinich, and Sawyer going to bother with websites? Haven't seen ones yet (although they could be buried in some google algorithm). Please issue a release if you guys are putting one up, so we can link it, and give it a plug.

4. Fun with other websites. When searching for Gary K's as yet apparently non-existent website, we ran across Dennis Kucinich's website (of course, for actually going to the website, we're probably on a government watch list now). Interesting things we noticed about the picture at the top of the website (hurry, hurry and check it before they change it!) (or check this cached link). The photo of Dennis K with supporters apparently really liked a couple of the supporters, because the same people are on the right edge and left edge of the photo. More interesting is the sticker clearly visible on the mustachioed gentleman with sunglasses on the left edge (and on the right) of the top banner photo. Yep, that's a sticker from Cafaro's 2004 campaign. Photoshop, people! She's running against your bro, least you could do is photoshop a little love. UPDATE: A source sent along this link, with a photo apparently from the same event (note the same guy with mustache and sunglasses). Cafaro is marching with the assembled group.

Otherwise, people, get on the Ohio Blogger Bracket Bandwagon! Enter, win a front page post here. Heck, it's fun, and who knows, maybe this will be the yeat Gonzaga gets to the final four...

The Group name is Ohio Bloggers Bracket
The Group ID # is 34824
The Group password is buckeye (all small letters)

Get on board, and hopefully, I'll have more for y'all later,

ohio13 at gmail dot com


Blogger Hattie Nuff said...


I left John Wolfe's campaign some weeks ago due to a disagreement and John does not know anything about my art project. I did this solely out of frustration of someone really rich being able to waltz in and steal the race away from all these fine candidates (I'm serious).

Anyone want to call and get John Wolfe's reaction? I'm betting he knows what a thong is.

I have been doing parody and satire art since I was a young child. It usually doesn't get this kind of attention - so I guess I hit a nerve.

Also I'm sick to death of hearing all this BS from most of the candidates - the number one issue in this race is repeating whatever Capri says, because she has so much money she is creating the message.

How about talking about the war? What about the rapid erosion of our civil liberties? What about the massive corruption in the White House? These are issues you're going to have to face, and if you ignore them now, I'm only going to assume you are going to ignore them once you are in office. And if that is the case - I don't care who you are - I will not support you. More wimps in Congress is NOT what we need.

Karen Kilroy
aka Hattie Nuff

6:45 AM

Blogger redhorse said...

On a lighter note, do we need to pick the play-in game tonight?

7:12 AM

Blogger Ohio 13 said...

Nope, no play in game... although if you're looking for a tip... Hampton.

And Karen, I just wanted to clear that up... like I said, I was hoping it was true, because the site adds to the pastiche of craziness this race has become. Let me know how sales go, actually, because I'm curious.

You're right, Cafaro is dominating the debate. And that, to a large extent, is the the fault of the other campaigns. They have a choice, fight on her battlefield or fight on theirs, and they are choosing to fight on hers.

7:26 AM

Blogger NickLin said...

Very true Ohio13. They are choosing to fight on Capri's battleground. I dont understand Karen Gilroy's comments. I don't understand where she is when Capri is speaking on the issues she mentioned. Capri makes a zillion appearances in person a week talking about her campaign, ideas, and viewpoints.My guess is she is probably desigining clothes, as she has done since she was a child. Makes me think Karen Gilroy has missed a lot in her lifetime due to her willingness to avoid public issues and supplement that with a fruit-of-the-loom addiciton.

8:34 AM

Blogger OHi3 said...

There is something very unfortunate and disturbing when well-meaning people think they have to resort to distasteful and unneccessary attack tactics, even against people in their own party.
Just becoz Karl Rove does it, doesn't mean we D's have to lower ourselves to swift-boating and getting nasty with our own fellow Party members. Argue on the issues; we are a party about issues.
The rest of the pack, hattie nuff, you are right, they are a pathetic set of campaigners; nevertheless, I say, anyone other than a Republican.

8:35 AM

Blogger scott bakalar said...

Grace's "site" ??!

9:31 AM

Blogger Ohio 13 said...

Thanks Scott... it's a real vehicle for educating voters, by the looks of it.

9:37 AM

Blogger scott bakalar said...

I just know there's a secret link embedded somewhere in that graphic...


In the meantime, "Grace for Congress" becomes embedded in the subconscious.

Pretty clever huh?
Who needs a website with actual info when one can hypnotize the electorate?

9:51 AM

Blogger Ohio 13 said...

we've seen a lot in this race, subliminal advertising wouldn't surprise me nearly as much as it should. I tried the same thing... couldn't find a secret button, nary a pixel out of place. Judging from the rumors I'm hearing about the Grace campaign, I wouldn't expect too much on the site about Grace anyways.


10:28 AM

Blogger CampaignAddict said...

Ok, that previous post needs to go... Bloody spammers. Nicklin, political parody has been around since the Romans if not before, beyond being mean spirited your comments remind me of the proverbial kitchen thats getting a bit to hot.

Off to stare and druel and the socratic wonder that is bill grace's site...

Must Click... Must Click...

2:35 PM

Blogger OHi3 said...

Here's an idea. Since none of the candidates, except Cafaro, appear to be gaining traction with their campaigns, maybe bloggers can help light a fire under them.
We could organize our own write-in candidate, who could come from anywhere from the whole state, as long as they were willing to move to the district if they won.
I am really not interested in running for anything at the moment, but the question, "Ever reach a point...," maybe should be ended: "where you just think you should run for something yourself?"
This particular race is lame, but it's also happening in a sea of mistakes by state and national D leadership.

10:20 AM


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