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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Does anyone know how to run a campaign?

Sometimes, you gotta wonder... for an election that is just over a month hence, the general lack of buzz and "visible" work by most campaigns is kind of frightening. And I don't mean showing up at a few events... I mean field efforts, obvious press-relations efforts, and if nothing else, generating buzz. It almost has the feel of a race where everyone thinks they're the favorite, so they behave accordingly.

One of our heroes got in the paper today, and he certainly wasn't sounding like a favorite. Yep, Bill Grace got a piece in the Elyria Chronicle today. You know it will be an interesting piece when the title is "Grace slams rivals in congressional race."

So, what does Willie have to say about his opponents? Well, Foltin is bad because Lorain hasn't made the progress Elyria has... and he is right... particularly since "progress of Elyria" isn't exactly a high bar to get over. We'll give him a point there.

Betty Sutton? She doesn't have "the fire in the belly" to serve in Congress. Whether or not that's true... someone with Bill Grace's record of "I'm out... no, I guess I'm in" decisionmaking in regards to entering the race should think twice about questioning the motives and desires of a candidate. At least he was able to say he respects Tom Sawyer, before stating the obvious (Labor isn't Sawyer's biggest fan).

Cafaro is accused of being shallow, with only money to bring into the campaign. Again, regardless of the truth or untruth of the accusation, Bill Grace, he of the non-existent campaign, he of the campaign website that spent a week being a yard-sign, he of a vague three-issue platform without a single specific policy proposal, should not be attacking anyone as shallow. And even Gary Kucinich gets hit, as Grace states the obvious, that his last name is is campaign.

I've rarely seen what could have been a promising campaign degenerate as ineptly and as quickly as Bill Grace's has. At this point, he might win a plurality in Elyria... otheriwse, he's on his way to having a loss embarrasing enough to end his political career. Plus, by going negative against everyone, he's certainly not in a good position to play nice... I could see a winning Sutton not having the "fire in her belly" to grab those federal grants for Elyria, or a winning Cafaro being too "shallow" to think about getting grace's city government any federal money.

It's hard to understand what his campaign is thinking. It's getting very little press, and when it finally gets an article, there's hardly a positive in there... this kind of scatter-shot attack against the field is normally the product of a desperate campaign; at least the Grace people know enough to be desperate.



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Right on, Right on, Right on.

Write on.

8:41 AM

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