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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Did Tom Sawyer write the script?

We're starting to wonder if Tom Sawyer can be so devious and so cunning as to have found a way to hide his way to victory. Yep, we hear nothing from the venerable free-trader, save the occassional encomium-cum-fellatio from Steve Hoffman (we swear, if he's not on Sawyer's payroll, he's got the biggest man-crush this side of Jack and Ennis)... yet, thanks to way things are shaking out, he may be able to skulk his way back to Congress. And we choose the world skulk intentionally; even if you can get elected it this manner, it seems highly dubious to do so.

Tom Sawyer has had to love the fact that he has been ignored. He is the only member of the field with anything resembling a giant policy misstep on his resume. He's the only candidate that you can draw a flow chart from him to lost jobs with any sort of credibility. In a normal race, the field would be ganging up on him, weakening him in regards to NAFTA, Free Trade with China... essentially, what happened when he ran in 2002.

Of course, this race has seen somebody else wear the black hat (albeit a stylish one, to be sure). It seems that the field has decided that Cafaro is the biggest threat, and has decided to attack her. Whatever negative impact on Cafaro it's really having with the electorate is tough to see... but the biggest impact it's having is that it is putting Tom Sawyer in better and better position to win. He's no shoo-in to win quite yet, but so far, every single thing is breaking his way...

Everyone's campaigns have had their polls, and all of them show Tom Sawyer in front. At some point, somebody has to realize that if they don't hit Tom, he's going to be too far ahead to catch.

So, is Tom Sawyer enough of an evil genius to devise this cunning plan, or are the opposing campaigns just so stupid as to not recognize the person who most needs to be checked? Grace, Kucinich, Wolfe and the gang beat up Cafaro, and yeah, she may not win, but neither will they... beat up Sawyer, get his percentage of the vote down, and they may well have a chance, if they can then get his voters to go their way....

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Blogger Ozzey said...

It seems to me that Kucinich, Grace and Wolfe are in this race simply to get msm coverage and to beat up Cafaro. Haven't heard much from Sutton on Cafaro since the very beginning. Cafaro and Sutton seem to be the only people that will have the money to put up ads. Sutton should rely on the msm to beat up Cafaro and put out a positive message. Cafaro will spend her advertising money to beat up Sawyer. So if Sutton puts out a positive message and Cafaro attacks Sawyer, Sutton would go up in the polls. Sawyer and Cafaro would go down in the polls and Sutton wins. If Sutton attacks sawyer or Cafaro, either through direct mail or on TV, she won't have enough dollars to get a positive message across and in all likelihood, Cafaro wins.

1:41 PM

Blogger OHi3 said...

No, we couldn't possibly want to give Tom Sawyer, a man with a record of distinguised service, any credit, evil or otherwise; let's attribute it to Mark Twain, who once said the reports of my death have been greatly exxagerated.

You guys write some real crap on this website. What do you have against Tom Sawyer, anyway? He's the only candidate you viciously attack and give no benefit of the doubt. He's explained and apologized for his NAFTA vote over and over again, but all the anti-NAFTA demogogues out there that want to demonize Sawyer also supported both Gore and Kerry when they ran for President, and, you and they forget that both Gore and Kerry also both supported NAFTA, and their President [Clinton} at the time.

Get a clue.

3:39 PM

Blogger Ozzey said...

I agree with you ohi3, Tom Sawyer is the front runner. If my information is correct, Sawyer will not have the money to run a full blown media campaign and get out his message. As I stated originally, the two candidates who will have the money will be Cafaro and Sutton. That is why I predict Cafaro will spend her advertising money beating up Sawyer since he is the front runner. Getting beat up without the ability to respond in kind will drive Sawyer down. Hence, I believe that Sutton should spend her money sending out a positive message. With Cafaro beating up Sawyer and getting a negative backlash because of it, and a positive Sutton message will make Sutton the winner. If my information is wrong and Sawyer can counter Cafaro's negatives and Cafaro and Sutton continue to freeze labor, Sawyer can definitely win this. He has the best name recognition, the best experience, labor continues to sit on its hands and not choose between Cafaro and Sutton, and he has the money, Sawyer will win. A Sawyer win is good. A Sutton win is good. No matter how it plays out. One of the two will be the next Congressman.

8:40 AM

Blogger NickLin said...

This sounds familiar. Tom Sawyer: high name rec., a record to run on (or from), and some cash. The problem is, he had all of these attributes in 2002. He lost because he took things for granted. He is taking them for granted again.

9:35 AM


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