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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Desperate Times

The more we read and hear, the more and more it appears that Capri Cafaro has to be the real big favorite in this race. We've not been convinced of this thoroughly, as a multi-way primary is notoriously unpredictable, and money cannot buy an election alone, and Cafaro has some negatives, and all that good stuff. But in politics, the more desperate the attack, the more likely the person being attacked is ahead. And today, we have some really desperate attacks coming out.

The strangest attack, one which is almost humorous, is covered in the Hill and in Openers this morning, is that Capri Cafaro interned for Newt Gingrich for a few weeks in high school, and her father hosted a party for Newt in 1993. So, keeping in mind that Cafaro graduated from high school at age 15, she is being hammered for things which have happened before she was legally allowed to drive. It's one thing if she had murdered someone or committed a serious crime as a juvenile; no matter how much you dislike Gingrich, interning in his office for a few weeks as a fourteen year old fails to meet that standard... It's something of an unwritten rule in politics that what people do before a certain time in their lives is not fair game. If that time is age 13 now, woe betide a large number of candidates nationwide... heck, does Candidate X have to worry about the time he pulled some girl's hair in 4th grade now? Candidate Y had a beer when he was 15, let's string him up! In response to this, we at Ohio 13 call on all candidates to release their 7th and 8th grade transcripts...

And attacking her for her father throwing him a party is similarly desperate maneuver, and one highly likely to backfire. Yes, Capri Cafaro's father is somewhat more notorious than the average father of an aspiring Representative, but in 1993, Capri was 15 or 16, and not really in a position to say, "Daddy, your political values are wrong and I will not countenance your holding a party for the Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives." If we start holding candidates accountable for what their family believes, do you honestly think that is a positive? Will we disqualify people because their grandfather donated to Goldwater?

Yes, we are fully aware that there are people who do not like Capri Cafaro, and that some people think she is a flawed candidate. However, attacks like these, whether they came from her primary opposition, or the GOP, do far more to show how flawed her opponents are than they reveal anything useful about Cafaro. If the best the opposition can do is say that she was a teenage Republican, her daddy is bad, and her roots show, the opposition has serious issues.

Honestly, this is not meant to be a defense of Cafaro; while we do kinda like her, we like a whole bunch of these candidates... we in Ohio 13 are blessed with a strong field of quality candidates, and most have significant reasons why they deserve your vote. And as the central figure of this campaign, of course Cafaro's going to get attacked from all sides for everything; it's part of the game (and our favorite part). It's just that if she is such a weak candidate, like so many people seem to think, why are the opponents making such weak attacks? Surely, they have something better than who her dad threw a party for? You'd think they'd have video of her strangling a puppy or clubbing a baby seal, with the emnity she engenders.

So in closing, now that the early teens are fair game, I expect the field to release their middle school transcripts immediately. I know this may be harder for Dennerll and Wolfe, as due to their age they may predate compulsory schooling (we kid because we love!), so we'll accept amusing anecdotes about the 1930's and 1940's in their place. The rest of you, please send your transcripts to the email listed below.

The Ohio 13 blog editors

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Blogger exAkron said...

Greetings from the nation's capitol.

As an Akron native and Democrat now living in D.C. - I'm going to lay this out for you.

I don't care which candidate wins the primary, as long as it is not Cafaro.

I don't think all of you get how repulsive she is to most mainstream people -Republican and Democrat.

The very best that can be said of her is that she is, by the very facts of her youth and empty resume, unqualified to me a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

What will be said by the Republican machine is that she is the corrupt child heiress to a corrupt family fortune, tied to Traficant, trying to buy a seat.

And that my fellow dems, is 100% verifiable fact.

Of course, she has no chance of winning the general election. The most she can do is accidentally win the wide open primary.

If she wins the primary, she will hand this district to Foltin. In the general, her money will be no help. The GOP will rain cash down on Foltin to get a totally unanticipated pickup in a year the Dems might be able to take back the house.

At the same time, she will get no support from the national party in the general. Dems in Washington want Brown to win against Dewine and will sacrifice her gladly to preserve the ability to make the corruption case against the Republicans.

So, how about Ohio 13 - are you the democrats that want to go down in history as giving away a safe seat that could possibly make the difference in who controls the House of Representatives?

I know Democrats in this district by the bucket that will vote for Foltin to keep Ms. Cafaro from becoming their representative.

If I still lived in the district, I would be one of them. I would rather hand this district to Foltin and battle again in two years, than vote for this person.

God only knows how many extra hostile Republicans she'll draw in an area Brown needs to carry big against Dewine.

My very informed message to the Democrats of Ohio 13 is to get serious about one of her worthy opponents- or lose the seat.

12:10 PM

Blogger NickLin said...

Ohio 13, I agree with your post. To present something of this nature as an "attack" is quite far fetched, and shows that people will stop at nothing to have their own way. Id take it with a grain of salt.

And exakron...I too have spent years in DC, working on the Hill, working in thnk tanks, and now, back in Ohio. I feel that your claim is 100% un-verifiable. Capri has a number of allies in DC and nationwide. Many Ohio reps (past and present) support her.My old boss and his staff support her. We have reps in the California, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Michigan,and Virginia that support her...the list can continue. This is only counting support she already has among potential colleagues. It doesnt count the support from the national headquarters of a number of labor groups, think tanks, and foreign relations tanks. To make it seem like no one will pull out all the stops for her is insane. The DCCC would be no better than the DSCC trying to get rid of Hackett. The DCCC is annoyed because they have to resort to small useless atacks because it seems as if Capri is the People's Candidate. They people are more capable of seeing through hogwash. They know she has not been guilty of anything, they know she knows the issues, they know it was her dad and not her that has a shady past. Needless to say, she will move on proudly with the people. Foltin doesnt have the personality or the political muscle to flex to win. Everyone else said it not me, money cant win a race. SO if Foltin gets money pumped into his race and it came down to the personality and issue factor, Capri would trounce all over him like a bull on a clown in a texas rodeo. No room for mr Phone Sex in this district. The other good news ex-akron, is that, you are ex-akron. You dont live there, you work in DC. I live here now, I came back. I guess that means I took the place of your vote. I wonder what I will be doing...

12:47 PM

Blogger exAkron said...

"I too have spent years in DC, working on the Hill, working in thnk tanks, and now, back in Ohio."

OK - make your case - why do you think that Ms. Cafaro is the best candidate to represent Akron?

Note that I did not bring up what she did when she was 15. (I don't even know what this is about.)

I said she is young, inexperienced, unqualified, and has enough of a shady past to lose a lot of votes and draw a very credible (and I beleive ultimately successful) challenge in what should be a very safe Dem seat.

All I want is for the Dems to retake one, or preferably both, houses of Congress to return our country to some amount of political sanity.

As a practical matter, I do not see one reason that Ms. Cafaro is the person to represent Ohio 13. I see many reasons why she is not.

Nominating her would be the biggest fumble in northeast Ohio since Ernest Byner.

1:12 PM

Blogger OHi3 said...

I agree with one thing here; if i wake up the morning after this election and Foltin is our new representative, I will be unconsolably depressed.

For being the richest of the candidates, she sure is getting a lot of free press. It sure does make me wonder who's feeding the press and netroots.

7:27 AM

Blogger CampaignAddict said...

My overall issue with the race and the SMH bit in spefcific is this. First, she's the front runner because of all the free press, true. But, that only makes her the front runner if people is buying what she is selling. Name recognition can only get you so far (Tom Sawyer '02 is a good example) for the rest you need a srong ground game (called field). And as ross perot taught us, no amount of money can win you an election if your team isn't strong. Secondly, in the land of endorsments Capri is loosing. Take a stride over to Betty Sutton's website and then compare it to Capri's and you see a distinct difference in who is supporting each candidate. Capri has some establishment politicians and the UAW. While sutton has real local labor and United Steel, not to mention emily's list. This is only really important of course if Mrs. Sutton parlay those endorsement into real campaign dollars and help. Which is my point in the end i guess, the whole campaign is going to come down to who can run the best ground game game. And right now the tools are in Mrs. Sutton's hands. If only she will use them.

12:07 PM

Blogger politicalknifefight said...

To exakron:

You are either one hundred percent against Capri Cafaro or you know nothing about her. You say she has no experience, so lets look at some:
1.she was state advocate for the committee to preserve social security and medicare, in that position she traveled the country and acted as a counter balance to the republican push for social security privitization.
2. she worked at the U.N. in a nongovernmental agency called The Global Action on Aging.
3. she was invitee to the White House Conference on Aging.
4. she helped pass a senior levy in Ohio by speaking on its behalf and going door to door.
5. she has made house calls to the elderly to explain medicare part B.
6. she is the only candidate with an indepth economic development plan.
7. she is the only candidate that has a plan to protect retiree pension plans.

I am getting tired or I could keep on going.

1:02 PM

Blogger exAkron said...

OK, so now I see I've come across the cafaro blog.

"she was invitee to the White House Conference on Aging. "

." she has made house calls to the elderly to explain medicare part B."


She is qualified to be some member's legislative assistant. But no member would hire someone with her shady past.

3:08 PM

Blogger CampaignAddict said...

To be honest, i'm not sure if Mrs. Cafaro is a "good" candidate or not. She's active, energetic, has ideas wether they be good or not.. (Save Americas workers is bad but at elast she's putting stuff out to debate on) And despite all the mudslinging she still may win the primary and the general. It's just interesting to see how Cafaro rep's on every blog seem to take from the Taming of the Shrew... "My Lady Doth Protest to Much." I mean the tone is so shrill... WE LOVE HER SO YOU MUST TO is the message they keep giving us. Some Like Ohi3 have valid points on why she is good and some just seem obsessed. But overall, the blog defense of Ms. Cafaro just turns me off. Can't we all just debate the issues and figure out who is best?

7:13 PM

Blogger Frank said...

Seems to me the voters of District 13 can decide who should represent them in the general election. Let's give 13th District Democrats the opportunity to decide just who they want to represent them, whether Cafaro, Sutton, Sawyer or anyone else.

7:26 AM

Blogger exAkron said...


Waht's you point? Of course the voters of Ohio 13 will decide - in an election in May.

We're discussing for whom they should vote and why.

11:18 AM


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