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Monday, March 20, 2006

Dennerll, Grace with websites

Yep, Norbert Dennerll has his website up at The photo of ND with JFK is a personal fave. Otherwise, nothing groundbreaking... but he deserves some pub, and we're giving it to him.

Bill Grace also remedied the not-so-interactive yardsign that was his website... . And it's the coolest looking graphically in the field thus far... maybe his web designer should be running for congress. Endorsements are coming soon, according to the website (he hopes).

They will both be added to the list, leaving only Sawyer and Kucinich siteless... if you have a URL that they've been hiding, let us know.



Blogger Tucker's # 1 Fan said...


6:29 PM

Blogger OhioExile said...

Way to use the caps lock. And I don't really understand the correlation between Capri getting elected and doing something for you. What in her past has shown that she will do something for you? Basically any other candidate has actually a track record of working for a community, whether you agree with what they have done or not. Capri has..... not much. Besides having money, what makes her qualified?

8:22 AM

Blogger politicalknifefight said...

Obviously, since you call yourself ohioexile, you are not in the district and haven't been able to view any of Capri Cafaro's infomercials. Nor does it appear that have you have read her newspaper ads, hear her speak, nor talk to her. I have done all of these things and I can tell you that her list of accomplishments, starting at graduating from Stanford, a Masters at Georgetown, to her working with various groups to assist the elderly, to her SAW plan, clearly shows she is qualified to be a United States Congressman and that she has her heart with the people. Capri has said in her infomercial that if you have any questions that you can contact her directly by email and she will personally respond. I suggest that if you want to comment on what is happening in Ohio as opposed to just being negative, talk to her. You may not like her, but you can't say she isn't qualified.

7:09 AM

Blogger OhioExile said...

Perhaps qualified isn't the right word. Maybe what I'm looking for is a track record, and Capri doesn't have one. I get back to the district quite often actually, although I have not seen the ads and infomercials. I am just skeptical of her word and abilities that it takes to be a good representative. Almost every other candidate on the Dem side has that. She doesn't, and thats all that I'm pointing out. If you really want to vote for her, go for it. My vote, and I still have one, will not be going for her for the reasons listed above.

8:22 AM

Blogger politicalknifefight said...

So you're looking for track record? That means you never boted for John Glenn for Senate, Howard Metzenbaum for Senate, Ted Kennedy for Senate, Patrick Kennedy for Congress, Tim Ryan for Congress, and many more. Many successful public servants started young or without any political experience. What you need to look at is intellect and commitment. Capri Cafaro has both. Although I started supporting another candidate, I now intend to vote for Cafaro. Why? Because she's not afraid to addres any issue and she has become her own version of The Straight Talk Express. Once again, I strongly recommend you talk to her. Don't be afraid, she won't bite. I know, because I did. As to the experience of the other Democrats, I have looked into their experience and I don't necessarily agree with your analysis. I consider myself an educated voter, so I have taken the time to not only read what they publish, but do my own research as well. Maybe I should give you some:

Tom Sawyer - voted for NAFTA and took money from Enron.

Betty Sutton - wanted to ban toy guns and supports medical marijuana.

Kucinich - has done nothing, but has a last name. Maybe he can be the second vote for the Department of Peace his brother espouses.

Bill Grace - no college education.

Wolfe - too old.

Dennerll - too old.

I forget the last. So if you aren't a Republican operative, tell me once again why these other candidates are better. I'd LOVE to learn.

9:07 AM

Blogger OHi3 said...

I take exception to politicalknifefight's dismissal of Tom Sawyer's candidacy. Tom Sawyer voted for NAFTA to support his President [Clinton], and so did Gore and Kerry. Tom Sawyer has, indeed, addressed this issue head on, many times, pointing out that he now thinks his vote was a mistake; NAFTA did not perform the way the originators had hoped (and perhaps it has been mal-administered.
Tom Sawyer did not take money from "Enron," whatever that means. Period.

Tom Sawyer has a demonstrated record of intellect, commitment AND results. His integrity is beyond reproach.

10:02 AM

Blogger OhioExile said...

Well, I've technically never voted for any of them. But lets see, experience wise:

John Glenn - WW2 Marine Fighter Pilot, Astronaut, All around American Hero.

Tim Ryan - Actually elected to the Ohio State Senate

Metzenbaum - Worked inside Gov't for many years and appointed Senator.

Beyond that, you said Capri has gone to school and got a masters. Are you suddenly saying that anyone who has a masters is deserving of being elected to office? The next qualification is that she volunteered? Is that all it takes to get voted to Congress? All I'm saying is that if she really wants to get into political life, spending some time in the Ohio House or the Ohio Senate isn't a bad idea. Figure out how to operate in a political setting.

In regards to your other people.

Tom Sawyer - Personally, I don't see NAFTA as a bad thing. Even if you do, the district he represented then is different from the one he represents now. He has said he woulnd't vote for it again because who he represents is different. And taking money from Enron? That would only really be an issue if he somehow knew what the other people didn't know, and for some reason, I doubt that. Oh, and he was a congressman and mayor, so he knows how to play the game

Betty Sutton - Don't agree with banning toy guns, but Medical Marijuana? Do you really care if some old guy is smoking Marijuana in his house? Honestly? She was in the state Senate, knows how to play the game.

Kucinich - Who cares?

Grace - Mayor, represented people, and despite not having a college education, has been around, played the game.

My question to you is, would Capri Cafaro be a blip on anyone's radar if she didn't have her family's money to spend? If you honestly think she would, then fine. I don't, because all of the other players worth mentioning have name recognition via some sort of public or private office.

As I said, your vote is your vote, but I like my candidates to actually have done something useful and proven that they are a capable human being. Capri Cafaro has not.

10:16 AM

Blogger politicalknifefight said...

Go to the It lists who took money from Enron, Tom Sawyer included.

10:31 AM

Blogger OhioExile said...

As for being a Republican Operative, if that was true, I'd be all for Capri. Bush won the 14th by 5 points? (something close to that) in 04, LaTourette won by 26 points. That seems like a lot of Kerry voters didn't seem to like Capri, so I'd put my money on her as the most likely of the top 4 (Sawyer, Cafaro, Sutton, and Grace) most likely to lose. But thats just the numbers

10:38 AM

Blogger OhioExile said...

Did Tom have inside information that Enron was cooking their books? Was he involved with the coverup? Has he done anything to help Enron or the conspirators jack the American people? If not, then who cares? Enron was a respectable company for a number of years, at the end they clearly weren't but that doesn't mean that everyone they donated to is a bad person an unelectable.

10:39 AM

Blogger politicalknifefight said...

Once again, you are spinning the Republican cause. As I said before, I do my homework. You say Capri ran behind Kerry. So did almost every Democratic challenger in Ohio. It was a Repbulican year. The 14th District could not have been won by any Democrat. Even though Capri had union endorsements, most of labor did not go out and work because Latourette sits on transportation and created a lot of labor jobs. There is no comparison between the 13th and the 14th Districts. As a matter of fact, Capri will be the strongest Democrat since she has the NRA endorsement. As you are well aware, registered Democrats that are NRA members vote for the NRA endorsed candidate which is normally a Republican vote. The NRA has 15,000 members in the 13th District. If 90% follow the endorsement, that will be a swing of 27,000 votes in Capri's favor. That becomes an almost impossible lead to overcome in a predominantly Democratic district.

Thanks for making me think about it. You still haven't answered the question as to why anyone else is better . . .

10:58 AM

Blogger politicalknifefight said...

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10:59 AM

Blogger OhioExile said...

Yea I did. I said the others (Sawyer, Sutton, Grace) have a better chance of winning the election, as well as having experience and success in public life. If Capri had success in Private enterprises, say, like Mayor Bloomberg in NY, that can overtake a lack of public life. But she doesn't. They have experience. She doesn't. She has a masters degree and volunteerism. All I am saying is that they are more qualified that she is, and more likely to win the general.

11:10 AM

Blogger OhioExile said...

And about the 14th in 04, LaTourette was as vulnerable as they come, the divorce scandal and problem between him and his wife that were well published in the media. The fact that she still had no traction says a lot.

11:19 AM

Blogger politicalknifefight said...

The debate is simple. Capri has a plan - SAW. Everyone else - ZERO. Go ahead and vote for someone without a plan.

11:55 AM

Blogger Ozzey said...

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1:39 PM

Blogger OHi3 said...

SAW--that's just great, how about SOW?

Save Ohio's workers; frankly, we've been a donor state for years, and now we're not. Let's talk about that. That is the real rip-off going on.

3:43 PM

Blogger votegrace said...

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2:44 PM


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