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Friday, March 17, 2006

Day 1 of the Tourney and some other stuff

With all due respect to the people who are putting their reputations, futures, money and time at stake for this race, can't y'all take a couple days off? It's March Madness....

So far, so good. I'm tied for first in the Ohio Bloggers Bracket... although I swear I must have been drunk picking Nevada to make a run to the Elite eight... oh well, live and learn... some really fun games yesterday, with Tennessee-Winthrop being the really memorable one... you could tell that both teams had a sense of desperation to them... Winthrop, who'd come close to the upset so many time, wanted to break through, and UT wanted to avoid the ugly bit of history a loss would have brought on them... I think Wichita State takes out U of T next round.

In campaign news... Openers mentions that Cafaro got the NRA endorsement... and that she may be packing heat... Considering the Congress we have, maybe a few more armed representatives may not be a bad idea. In all seriousness, this is a double-edged sword endorsement, although the good edge outweighs the bad. NRA will get people to vote for her who would not have otherwise, and probably will only cost her a few votes, as other candidates are more specifically targeting that sector of voters anyways... This also strengthens her significantly in the general, should she be the candidate... and allows her to make an argument that he is the most electable Dem... isn't that ironic?

Well, slow day, slow weekend... must... watch.... basketball.

OH 13


Blogger Hattie Nuff said...

Paul Hackett on the Daily Show

6:28 AM

Blogger Hattie Nuff said...

Related report from web animator Eric Blumrich

Washington DC- where hope goes to die.

Walking away from the Marvin Center at the heart of the George Washington University on wednesday, I had a pain behind my right eye- it was sorta like someone had inserted an awl into the tiny hole behind my eye that usually serves as a conduit for my optic nerve- and dang it, it just wouldn't go away. The nagging ache was complimented by a voice in my mind, repeating, over and over:

"My God- they have no souls..."

Read the whole article

7:03 AM


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