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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Burtzlaff's site is up

yep, we get to meet yet another GOP candidate... Paul Burtzlaff. Can't be critical of him, as much as we want to... a chaplain in the Naval Reserve, a pastor at St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Probably a good guy... and should he choose, he can ask Foltin some interesting questions about family values.

In other news, we are two months and one day from election day. In this time, we will hear stories about Cafaro being corrupt, about Sawyer selling out working people, about Sutton being an untra-liberal DC tool, about Kucinich being even more liberal than Sutton and hoping people confuse him with his brother, about Grace being a Wal-Mart shill, about Wolfe being too old, about Michael Lyons being known by no one outside of immediate family, and of course, about Norbert Dennerll's Yellow Barrel of Magic. Let's all remember at the end of this 2 month, 1 day adventure, we need to make sure that whoever gets through this needs to win in November, and attack accordingly. YES, ATTACK... get ALL of the candidates vetted in the way only a primary can. Remember, whether or not you have a favorite, all candidates have "negatives," and it's better for the candidates to have them vetted now than in the general. Don't hold back on any of them, within the bounds of fairness and rationality. It's one thing to attack a candidate, it's another to just go gunning for them no matter what they do. And whoever survives (even SMH) will be better than Foltin.

So, let's let the fight begin in earnest people... As an old football coach might say, play tough, but play clean.



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