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Monday, March 27, 2006

The beauty of the underdog, the blogger's bracket, and other minutiae

Congrats to the final four, LSU, UCLA, Florida, and GEORGE F'ING MASON!!!! My god, I love the NCAA tournament. Perhaps no event shows the beauty of sport, or human competition better. A team from a unheralded conference, who many pundits believed didn't warrant inclusion in the tournament, win four games against favored opposition, three of whose basketball budgets, facilities and traditions put theirs to shame. It really is a life-affirming thing, for those of us who love sport and not just "their team(s)." The eyes of a nation of hoops fans are squarely on the young men from Fairfax, Virginia, and, at the risk of being biased, go Patriots!

As for the blogger's bracket, it appears to be a two way race. LorainAtLarge leads right now, but has no teams left. Scott at Word of Mouth is 5 points behind, and has UCLA in the championship game. Should UCLA win, Scott wins, with Campaign Addict vaulting to second.
Best of luck to everyone in contention... which doesn't include me... gosh, my bracket got wrecked.

Otherwise, check out Walk Back, another new voice in these parts... welcome to the party. And psychobilly has a great post on a poll floating around... My money would be on Sawyer putting the poll out... just a hunch, but we'll be able to find out more (hopefully) come the filing deadline.

More soon...

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Blogger janevieu said...

Just thought I'd let you know. Gary Kucinich web site is up.

11:08 PM

Blogger Ohio 13 said...

thanks for the tip.

6:48 AM

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