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Friday, March 10, 2006

Another weekend, and so much going on

Lessee, lessee... So much to cover, so little time, and so much basketball...

Firstly, the Lorain Morning Journal had a piece today- Sutton got a pledge of support from the Steelworkers , and a pledge for $5K. Must be a rules things, but my reading is that it was not actually an endorsement.
''It's as close to an endorsement as we can possibly get,'' said Brommer. But that's entirely semantic... Steelworkers *Heart* Betty.

My favorite part was where the Steelworkers kindly remind us that a certain former Congressman supported a certain piece of legislation that may not have been, well, you know, in any way beneficial to Northern Ohio.

Brommer took a shot at one of Sutton's opponents, former U.S. Rep. Tom
Sawyer, citing his support of the North American Free Trade Agreement.''Workers
have been fighting with a race to the bottom of the economic ladder, and the
impossibility of competing with Third World wages,'' said Brommer. ''Someone
should have realized that, and that someone should have been Tom Sawyer.''

Of course, Tom Sawyer responds:

Sawyer responded that his support for NAFTA was mistaken, and that
otherwise his labor record is impeccable.''It's been an extreme disappointment
to me, as I'm sure it was to Bill Clinton, John Kerry and Al Gore. It simply has
not had the effect that people who supported it wanted it to have,'' said
Sawyer. ''Betty wasn't there, so she didn't have to make that choice. She was

So, other than pounding a nail in the coffin of the American manufacturing sector, and hence the
union movement, Tom Sawyer was good for Unions. And the argument that his support was a mistake... well, he has never said he would vote to pull us from NAFTA, nor has said he won't vote for more trade pacts like NAFTA. And Tom Sawyer wonders why he gets no union support.

As for Capri Cafaro, she got an endorsement too (or released an endorsement we already knew about from her website). C.J. Prentiss, Ohio Senate Minorty Leader is on board with Cafaro.
Her quote:

''Capri Cafaro has shown to me, and to the people of the 13th District, the
vision, energy and insight to be a forceful and successful advocate for the
working men and women of Ohio,'' Prentiss said in a release issued by Cafaro's

This one is curiously interesting, because Prentiss served in the State House for much of the same period as Betty Sutton (Prentiss 91-98, Sutton 93-2000). They worked together on a number of issues, and to a great extent, shared the same legislative priorities. It may say more that it appears that she's not endorsing Sutton. Or it may not...

Otherwise, this blog is curious about WHERE THE HELL IS BILL GRACE?!? We heard a whole lot right at his announcement, but since then, he has been quite under the radar. When Gary Kucinich gets more attention than you, you are doing something wrong, campaign-wise. Any Grace sightings are welcome.

Tomorrow, we'll be posting the info on the Ohio 13 Blogger Bracket Challenge. Free front page post for the winner. Otherwise, this weekend is dedicated to basketball... Will the Buckeyes finagle their way into a number 1 seed?



Blogger taenias said...

Betty Sutton claims that it's an endorsement on her website, but it's specifically not an endorsement. Does she have any other non-endorsement endorsements?

12:48 PM

Blogger OHi3 said...

I find it amusing that the Steelworkers think Betty is "going to fight for them." She's afraid of her own shadow; she doesnt work a room, even when she does show up, she waits for people to come to her and just looks like a scared little kitten.

6:36 AM

Blogger OHi3 said...

Disturbing to read in the Chronicle Telegram was news from the other side of the aisle, that the Washington R establishment is getting behind Foltin big-time. I suspect that they share my opinion, that with the exception of Capri Cafaro, the D's are all doing a lousy job of campaigning. It's like it's a lost art or something, and they are losing credibility.

6:39 AM

Blogger Hattie Nuff said...

Here's a little weekend fun.

Check out the A.B.C.'s of Ohio's 13....


Anybody But Capri Online Shopping Mall

10:25 AM

Blogger Hattie Nuff said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:25 AM

Blogger OHi3 said...

The Anything but Capri Shopping Mall is highly offensive, and whoever is responsible for it should know it is over the top and not worthy of the political process. Although Cafaro has been getting a lot of free publicity lately, I doubt that it is a public relations stunt by that campaign itself. I can think of one political operative scumbag that this fits a pattern of being a has-been low-life, and I hope equally it's not coming from naive supporters of another candidate who seems not to want to think anything about Cafaro except that she is a corrupt, hedonistic brat buying an election.
This is actually beneath any of you, or whoever you are. By the way, where the disclaimer on the website? You will be found out, and I hope your miserable political life is over.
I am not supporting Cafaro, by the way, because I don't agree with her platform. But, in my opinion, she has a much brighter future ahead of her, than anyone that thinks they have to sell thongs to get a "message" across.

7:01 AM

Blogger CampaignAddict said...

But you have to admit... it is kind of funny. And partly for the very reasons you mention.

11:41 AM


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