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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Whirr whirr runs the rumor mill

Well, when lacking good hard news, sometimes, we have to invent it. Just kidding kiddies, but we have heard something out of Elyria from the kind of sources that make us believe there is some truth to it.

But first, a hat tip to psychobilly democrat for noting our work here. It is a well done blog with an interesting perspective, in not consistently either "psycho" or "billy." Either way, highly recommended.

Second, word around the Elyria/Lorain campfire is that Bill Grace may be having a change of heart. He's been approaching people trying to line up money for the race. Of course, Grace is hearing a whole lot of no's from these people, as the big names have lined them up. A decision has not been made, and I still suspect he'll eventually bow out, when he realizes he'll need around a million bucks to win the primary. But still, fun to hear the who's and why's of the backroom dealings.

Should he run, he has some work to do on the internets. The first result, when one googles Elyria Mayor Bill Grace, is from an Anti Wal-mart site, , which details how he stood up for the helpless multinational megalith against his mean old constituents. So, he should be prepared to be called "Wal-Mart Willie" by one or more of his opponent's in this race. As everyone is aware, Dem primary voters love Wal-Mart.

Otherwise, things are slow, at least in the net world. The print editions of the Elyria and Lorain papers had article on the race today, but not on their internet versions. They are trying to mock me with their absence, to be sure. Otherwise, we will have more as facts, rumors and wild allegations develop.

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Blogger redhorse said...

we could ratchet up the psycho factor, if it make the OH 13 blog editors happy.

we could run for office too, which would make you laugh. hell, that'd entertain us too.

7:16 AM

Blogger Ohio 2nd said...

A million bucks?! Dang, that's more than anyone spent in the 2nd primary. I would think $500,000 would be a huge war chest for a hot primary like this.

7:47 AM

Blogger Ohio 13 said...

Neither the Cafaro's nor EMILY's list were involved down in OH-02. Trust me, a million may be a little low.

OH 13

9:06 AM


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