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Friday, February 17, 2006

Well, I asked, and I received

Just yesterday, we posted a missive decrying the lack of any positive argument for any candidate, as well as decrying a blog that has decided, under the cover of a non-partisan, unbiased facade, to become a hit site. A couple of posts written since then make clear that there really are two philosophies operating in the blogosphere.

Pho, representing the "legitimate" blogosphere, came thru with a positive argument for a candidate. He puts forth an argument for Betty Sutton that, while brief and not taking into account any of her negatives, at least makes the effort to say that a candidate is good, rather than a candidate is bad. While there are those who will disagree with points in the argument, including these authors, we are heartened to see somebody take us up on our challenge (or if he just randomly did it without reading our post yesterday, somebody realize we need some positive reason to vote for these people).

Meanwhile, the hit site we discussed yesterday (you may note we don't link to it... Same reason we don't link to the drudge report or Fox News... we have a low tolerance for propaganda), decided to keep on hitting. It linked to a week and a half old piece written by an out of state political consultant that trashes Cafaro that is a rehash of all the same accusations that have been coming forth since she was rumored to be entering the race. Surprise, surprise. The only candidate to receive any kind of favorable run from this site is Craig Foltin, whose scandals the author describes as "some baggage, due to a minor phone call scandal a few years ago." As we've posted here before, it's a whole lot more than that.

This isn't about people bashing Cafaro; this is about supposedly unbiased people attacking only Cafaro. Cafaro has a great deal of baggage, and she will have to answer questions about it, and she has started to already, although clearly not as completely as we would like as of yet. But will the outcry be the same when the baggage of the other candidates gets exposed? We really doubt it.

The blogosphere is about trust and credibility to a great extent. Agree with him or not, we trust Pho. We trust the people we have blogrolled, even when we do not agree with them. We hope they, and you, trust us; we've tried to be up front with the biases we hold (pro D, anti R; anti-establishment, among others). We don't trust hit sites that don't acknowledge their biases.

Later today, we'll have our first analysis of this race as currently constituted, as well as the weekend question, for your consideration. Till then

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Blogger Pho said...

I actually posted it without having seen your "challenge." I had seen her Tuesday night and it took me that long to write it up partly because I've been busy, partly because the current growing pains in the blogosphere have made blogging less of a pleasure this week but mostly because it frankly takes more effort to write a balanced, positive post -- something I hadn't realized until I tried it.

Finally, thanks for the love. I got taken in by H&B calling me a great writer. Now "legitimate" will have to do.

7:11 AM

Blogger redhorse said...

Like Pho, I saw Betty Tuesday as well. Will have something up later today, but my relaxing off day is blowing up all around me. Redhorse is not happy.

Darn Pho has beat me to all my topics today, but I suppose it's better to let his more intelligent posts lead in my drivel!

While I suspect we might be one of those folks you don't always agree with, we're happy to have your seal of approval. We try to play the blog fairly, even stating so at times, but certainly our biases creep through.

I know my anger does.

8:41 AM

Blogger scott bakalar said...

John -

I agree.
Pho's piece was a breath of fresh air. He is both a legitimate and, dare I say it, a great writer.

All in all, I think it would be very difficult to run an unbiased blog. From what I have learned,and continue to learn daily, blogging is both about news and opinion. I appreciate Ohio 13 stating very clearly, its position - and you introducing yourself to us yesterday.

It's also been hard not to notice as I peruse my blogroll daily, which I do faithfully, that the amount of anonymous commenters has increased dramatically in recent days. There has also been a very ill wind I've noticed as well blowing in the Ohio blogosphere. I suppose that as the lines have now, for the most part been drawn - that trend will continue.

From what I've read here over the past several weeks, I'd say you have been true to your mission. With all the parties involved for the May Primary, it will be a daunting task keeping on top of all the candidates.

Again, from what I've read here, you all seem to be up to that effort. I look forward to following your work as the election continues.

9:12 AM

Blogger OhioExile said...

I think you guys may be underestimating Foltin a little too much. All of the press (albeit, there has been very little), has been saying that this is now a competitive race. CQ politics moved it from safe democrat to leans democrat because of Foltin declaring. And as we've all seen in Ohio, baggage oftentimes doesn't matter (Exhibit #1: Trafficant.)

Being outside of Ohio 95% of the time means that I spend hours scouring the internet for information, and as far as the 13th congressional race, you guys are pretty much as good as it gets (and most of the time, anything there is) and I wanted to thank you for that.

11:03 AM

Blogger Ohio 13 said...

Thanks, ohioexile. Glad you find us of service. And I do not mean to underestimate Foltin. He should be able to draw 5 to ten points more than any other Gooper. But he needs 15 or twenty more points to win. And we are quite skeptical as to whether that is truly possible.

As for CQ's bump, not a surprise. CQ, Rollcall, and other sites like that are (prabably over-) influenced by DC "wisdom." In DC GOP circles, Foltin is considered a big get. If we believe the DC types, Sutton will win in a walk on the D side. In the district, thats seems highly unlikely. So, always take DC source (and even us) with a grain of salt.

11:23 AM


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