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Monday, February 27, 2006

Sutton's website is up

Wandering the internets, we found that Betty Sutton has her site up. We will be adding the link shortly to our list o' sites. Not bad, although the media gallery could use some work. Not to imply EMILY's list might be biased, but they're the source for half of the positives there. Also no issues as of yet, but as someone who has worked in the business, I can't be too critical. Those little issue statements provide the biggest headaches. Otherwise, it's a quality, functional site,



Blogger OhioExile said...

Foltin's is up too, I will let you know if I find others, its not as if I'm not surfing the net all day

8:05 AM

Blogger OhioExile said...

Paul Burtzlaff has a website too
pulled that off of Word of Mouth

5:56 AM


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