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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sutton's first financials

Betty Sutton's financials are up. Not much to take from them. A few lawyers wrote big checks, and the Longshoremen made a 5k donation. all told, just over 20k raised by 12/31. These are very preliminary, obviously. She spent a grand total of 130$ during the filing period. If she maintains that burn rate, she'll be doing well. No other candidates had to file, due to FEC regulations on timing of filings (she's apparently the only candidate who had both declared, and raised over the threshold limit). The real test will be the first quarter numbers, and any other numbers the campaigns decide to publicize, as we'll have numbers for all the campaigns and get an idea of how each candidate fares in a crowded field.

It's tough to deal with this down time. Rumors are flying, and we can't deal with all of them, because, you know, as much fun as posting wild allegations and half-truths are, they don't exactly enhance our credibility factor much. Some, when we have solid sources, we'll distribute (see yesterday's take on Bill Grace). Others, let's just say we get a wide variety of stories and leads, and they can be inventive. Unfortunately, while we pride ourselves on our low standards of excellence and fairness, we do have some standards. We are fairly certain that Tom Sawyer is not a cyborg, for example, so it doesn't go to print. If we can get verification, we'll run it, so if anyone has factory specs, send 'em over. (just kidding sawyer people)

Can't wait till the fun starts,



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