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Monday, February 06, 2006

Oh, what a weekend

Sorry for the absence, but frankly, the SuperBowl takes precedence over race coverage... had to make a weekend out of it. (Just wait til the NCAA Basketball tournament, we may need a guest-blogger.)

Well, as we discussed previously in the rumor mill, Bill Grace is in the race. Hat tip to Redhorse for the info (good thing people are paying attention while we prepare for sporting events.) Well, now this race gets fun, with a Lorain candidate there to split up the vote. We here have our doubts as to whether he can raise enough money to compete with Sutton and Cafaro, or pull enough votes in Summit. The other candidates will do a better job of pulling votes in Lorain than he can do in Summit, which will turn this election into a ground war between Betty and Capri. And like we mentioned late last week, his opponents' will probably work very had to connect him to Wal-Mart. Hope he knows what he's getting into...

Friday, Capri Cafaro hit the newspapers in a full page ad in Lorain and Elyria's papers. Reading it, we were impressed. Far more detail and specificity than one normally sees in a race, especially this early. Could be a smart move to get out in front on issues, as should the opponents try to attack her for, well, being Capri Cafaro and the baggage that implies, they appear to be dodging substantive debate. Also shows the other campaigns that this race is not going to be cheap... full page ads are pricey.

John Wolfe and David McGrew also got some press this weekend (link goes to Wolfe website's republishing of article). Apparently, they're neighbors on Mayfield Avenue in Akron. A pleasant and worthwhile read.

Swirling around the rumor mill, we've heard from two reliable sources that Tom Sawyer is leaning strongly against making the race. We're not prepared to say it definitively yet, as things change. But apparently, the support Tom Sawyer was counting on has not been forthcoming. Washington has disavowed him, and the unions, well, let's just say that he's lucky the unions don't put his picture on their urinal cakes. The behind the scenes money people also have picked other horses. If Sawyer runs, he'd be counting on the power of name ID alone to carry him, and with the strength and financial backing of this field, that is not a workable strategy.

Well, that's all for now. We promise to try to be more regular with our dispatches, barring major sporting events. Uh oh. The Olympics start soon... well, maybe we'll skip the preliminary heats of the 10k biathlon.

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Blogger Jill said...

You know, the Lorain Morning Journal lets you search online for all ads back 14 days, except, it would seem, that Ms. Cafaro's doesn't fall into any of the categories displayed online. Any hints as to how to access the ad online or...anyway we could get you to turn it into a pdf that those of us who don't live in Lorain or Elyria might see?


1:31 PM

Blogger Ohio 13 said...

Can't help with the pdf. I noticed that it was not online; I heard about it on Friday and tried to find it. Didn't actually get to see the printed copy of it until this morning. I will see if I can find somebody tech-savvy enough (or at least equipped with a scanner) to allow it to be posted.

OH 13 editor 2

2:13 PM

Blogger Jill said...

Thanks, John. I appreciate that. I suspect there will be others but I confess, I scan/read only certain parts of the papers I do get, and I rarely pick up on ads.

Thanks for whatever you can do.

3:22 PM


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