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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Oh what a day

On a day like today, when all hell breaks loose and everything runs off kilter in the political blogosphere, it seems so difficult to write on subjects not directly tied to the issue at hand, which is, of course, the horsehead Paul Hackett woke up with, and the sudden desire for free time this engendered in him. (And if we have to post a link to explain, you really haven't paid attention today, have you?) The usual party backstabbing, in-fighting, and general internecine warfare that separates us from the other members of the animal kingdom.

Our thoughts are this, however. There is a general hubbub and clamor that this is wrong, with which we agree. Sherrod Brown, the ODP and DC probably should not have engineered this exercise in political gamesmanship, and now, they will probably pay the price. So, this begs the question, does this grand game hurt Betty Sutton?

It is widely believed that Betty Sutton is running with the tacit support and encouragement of Sherrod Brown, and the Washington DC establishment. Heck, the DCCC doesn't even list any other candidates for this race on their website. As one might presume from Sawyer's absolute lack of traction (particularly in DC, where one would imagine he'd pick up at least some support), the speed and fury of the oppo-dump against Cafaro (and to a lesser extent, Grace), and the general tenor and tone of DCCC statements about Sutton, the party and Brown could well be accused of attempting engineer a similar coronation here.

The question is, will the blogosphere punish Sutton for being Brown's (presumed) choice? Does the bitterness and bad taste left in the mouths of the blogosphere from this Hackett hacking come back to bite not only Sherrod Brown, but others whose strings appear to pulled by DC or ODP forces? Our initial thoughts are that we're not sure. Reading the minds of the blogosphere is nearly impossible; however, if the same intellectual weight and logic are applied to Sutton as is being applied to Brown currently, it can't be good for Sutton.

The blogosphere, more than anything else, seems to be taking on the establishment. Sutton may have to work to distance herself from the establishment to gain its favor. Or not, who knows? Just seems like an interesting potential snag coming out of the ham handed way the establishment pushed aside Hackett. Your thoughts are welcome as always,

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Blogger NickLin said...

That is very shady about Hackett...Brown needs to have better tactics. Who is Sutton??? This woman is a hollow candidate. Aside from a blog or article read here or there, it's almost as if she has a delicate shell that could break at any moment. Her being puppeteered by the DCCC is no better than a Republican puppeteered by the Bush Administration. Ain't Nuttin Special 'bout Sutton.

9:33 PM

Blogger Yellow Dog Sammy said...

I doubt other bloggers would make the connection to Sutton on their own, but now that you have suggested it perhaps they will. One big difference is that the blogosphere doesn't seem to have a horse in this race. Even though Hackett's gone from the race, the memory of him will always interfere with bloggers supporting Brown. Since nobody in the 13th has become a darling of the netroots, it may be that much less likely for anyone else in to become a target of their ire (well, except for Cafaro, who seems to be a target for other reasons).

5:35 AM

Blogger scott bakalar said...


It'll be imperative that one (at least) of the Dems becomes the darling of the netroots, or else Foltin's gonna take this...

7:11 AM


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