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Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday, a new candidate, and some thoughts

Well, it's Monday, we've survived the weekend, and it's back to the grind. Not much new to report, although there was one note of interest in the Elyria Chroncile-Telegram. Apparently, someone new has decided to enter the race.

From the article:

Norbert G. Dennerll Jr., 76, of Westlake, a Democrat and a former Cleveland councilman, announced his candidacy Friday. The district includes parts of Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina and Summit counties.

Dennerll served on Cleveland City Council from 1957 to 1964. He ran for the U.S. senate in 2004, losing 71% to 29% statewide to Eric Fingerhut. He lost in Summit and Lorain Counties by even greater percentages.

As far as other resumé items go, he and his wife own the Yellow Barrel of Magic. (Really, we can't make this stuff up... the possibilities are endless). He was also president of the United Methodist Metropolitan Council.

So, our thoughts? Dennerll has about zero chance, but never, ever, EVER discount someone with a Yellow Barrel of Magic. This race just keeps improving in entertainment value. A liberal politico pushed by DC, a former congressman with no traction and one horrible vote, a rich candidate with some baggage and even more money, a mayor who stood up for Wal-mart over his constituents, a 79 year old activist, and a 76 year guy who served on a City council outside the district 42 years ago and owns the Yellow Barrel of Magic. If we don't write a book after this race, we just aren't trying.

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Blogger T.J. Houston said...

Yah 76. Most people that are 76 are in Florida with there R.V.'s not him, he is helping aspiring magicians and people alike get started in the magic world.

Don’t discount magic either, I like I said am 18 years old and I keep busy with magic, How much do you get paid an hour? 15 bucks, WOW I make 10 times that ( that’s 150 an hour) all because of Norbert’s help and support) So before you go on judging people by the "stores they run" get the facts, He got 29% vote, that’s more then you got, maybe you should grow some balls and run!

Have you met Norbert? Obviously not, I am an 18 year old magician that lives here in Ohio, and i have learned so much from this man, yet you make fun of him, he has helped more people than u can even think about, he owns and operates a fully stocked magic shop and he is how old?

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