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Friday, February 24, 2006

Mem'ries... like the corners of our mind... we'll miss you 4

Thanks to ohioexile for the tip.

Our group of seventeen, with whom we've grown so attached, is down to thirteen. And frankly, we're a little choked up. We spend a week getting attached to out lovable bunch, and like that, four of them get kicked off the ballot *sob*.

Yes, We are crushed, particularly that 3 Goopers are off the ballot, as this wrecks our Foltin and the seven dwarves theme. Goodbye, Lawrence Jaycox. So long, Anthony Cirino, Bye bye, Ruth Nader Abboud. And farewell, democrat Daniel Goulder.

This must be what it's like to see your kid go away to college, only to have him end up getting sucked in by the LaRouchies. We feel like we've lost members of the family, although admitted members of the family we don't talk about much.

In reality, we have no sympathy for this bunch, or others in similar straits across Ohio. If you cannot find fifty valid signatures, you don't deserve to run for block parent, not to mention Congress. Ohio's ballot access rules are a joke, and if one cannot meet the ridiculously easy requirements, one gets what one deserves.

A campaign can submit up to one hundred and fifty signatures. Any smart campaign will submit all 150 just to ensure that nothing can go wrong. In a perfect world, we would push for a more stringent requirement of 500 to 1,000 signatures, so that ballot access can prove to be something of an organizational test.

Well, goodbye you four. We hope you enjoyed your week in the eye of the political storm.

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