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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Gary Kucinich gets some ink, and DC fun

Well, Gary Kucinich finally decided to step out from the shadow of his last name this week. The Plain Dealer gave him some ink, as his son shipped out to Iraq.

Before we question, analyze, critique, and otherwise discuss this, we should all tak a moment to pray (or think positive thoughts if you are not the praying type) for the safety of Gary Kucinich, Jr. and all Ohio and American soldiers, as they serve in Iraq, Afghanistan, and worldwide. Pro-war, anti-war, pro-Kucinich, anti-Kucinich, it's irrelevant... these are men and women who are serving their country, not an ideology, and they deserve all the respect, support and love we can muster for them.

Having said that, We're not sure using the occasion as the first excuse to get media for a campaign sits right with us. Just something seems wrong and exploitative about it; although, not having a child shipping off to war, it's difficult to be too negative about it. Kucinich gets a pass on that.

He then unveils his campaign message, which should be popular on the blogosphere- Iraq is bad, and Capri Cafaro is icky. We find it odd that Kucinich, in what is essentially his first media coverage of the race, will 1. flat out admit Cafaro is the favorite and 2. go full-court press against her. Our thoughts are that there are multiple other candidates who Cafaro's voters would go to before Kucinich, and that attacking Cafaro does nothing to help Kucinich... it helps Grace, Sutton and even Sawyer more. The Cafaro camp handled it well, essentially saying that Kucinich is not a legitimate candidate and that they'll continue to discuss issues. But still, in a nine person race, to have one central figure that generates such powerful love-hate reactions... makes our work here more fun if nothing else.

As for example 218 of the disconnect between DC and D13, We'll get a little inside baseballish procedural on ya here. Apparently, a DC media consultant contracted by one of the campaigns (do not have confirmation on which campaign, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to deduce which), is creating enemies at Cleveland Television stations, as this consultant calls daily to inquire as to whether the Cafaro campaign has bought and media. This information is normally only given in person, and this consultant has been told this repeatedly, yet he or she continues to call everyday. My source at the station says some people are really getting fed up with it. But hey, we think it's the perfect example of how DC insiders may not be exactly in touch with what's going on outside of the District.

Hopefully more for ya later.


Blogger OhioExile said...

Well, the competition went from 17 now to 13, 4 candidates disqualified.

5:55 AM

Blogger Ohio 13 said...

Thanks for the tip... hadn't dug that deep in the ABJ yet.


7:03 AM


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