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Friday, February 10, 2006

C'est la weekend... jusqu'a Lundi

Just wanted to throw out a couple of bits of new news and info before the weekend.

1. Joe Ortega got some coverage from the Elyria Chronicle Telegram today. He seems harmless enough, although I am curious to see what happens if/when Craig Foltin jumps in.

2. Capri Cafaro has opened a Headquarters in Elyria. Apparently she attended a union event last night, and was inviting people to an open house there today. Curious to see when and where the other competitors open shop (or announce the opening).

Otherwise, here is the weekend assignment: Who will and won't file? and what will the final percentages be in the D primary? Give the predictions your best shot, and post them in the comments. Otherwise, treat this as an open thread.



Blogger redhorse said...

You know, I really think Sawyer will pull out. I think he's smart enough to see the writing on the wall and has ego enough (as many of us do) to not want to get run in the primary.

Now, predictions:
Cafaro 32
Sutton 29
and the rest will fight it out for the scraps. I think Wolfe will do better than most think, probably around 10-15%. I know, not much of a prediction.

At least that's how I feel today.

Don't know enough about the R field to hazard a guess.

9:41 PM

Blogger Working Man said...

Here's my prediction. Cafaro spends 2.5 million and wins the primary. Of course anyone in the primary race would win if they outspent Cafaro, but nobody can. Cafaro's win will be a Democrat catastrophe. No Democrat in the primary but Cafaro could lose the general election to the R, but Cafaro will. The R's will outspend and outslick Cafaro in the General and take the seat. Sutton thinks that winning in Summit County means something. It doesn't. She who wins Lorain Elyria wins the primary and general.

2:29 PM

Blogger taenias said...

Cafaro will win, because she has money, and the other candidates are so weak. DC getting behind Betty Sutton is putting lipstick on a pig; Sutton is a horrible speaker, with a poor legislative record and a penchant for saying stupid things to the press. Sawyer is a joke at this point, and Grace got in too late and won't have enough money.
Cafaro may have enough baggage to sink a ship, but against the jokers against her, it will take her beating up a handicapped child in each county to lose.

Cafaro: 35%
Sutton: 27%
Sawyer: 18%
Grace: 15%
Wolfe: 5%

9:37 AM

Blogger Ohio 13 Votes blog team said...

Sutton - 34% (DC help helps)
Grace - 32% (Started too late)
Cafaro - 25% (Money can't buy class)
Wolfe and others - 9%

5:58 PM

Blogger Jill said...

Taenias - Did you really have to call someone a pig? Wow.

7:31 PM

Blogger NickLin said...

Cafaro knows what she is up against this time. News about her is old news, and even with that, it boosts her name recognition among voters. Sawyer is just out of touch, and Betty Sutton is a horrible candidate. You can have some of DC back you in a race, but DC can't be the candidate, you actually need a person with ideas.

Cafaro 41
Sutton 27
Sawyer 18
Wolf 9
Other 5

5:45 AM


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