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Monday, February 27, 2006

The Bustle, Bluster and Bulls**t: A Weekend Recap

Sorry for the hiatus. I (John) took a jaunt to Philadelphia... life without the occasional authentic Philly cheesesteak seems pointless. As usual, my trip gets scheduled at the worst possible time, vis a vis the campaign in the thirteenth. One Meet the Bloggers event with Betty Sutton (thanks Redhorse at Psychobilly for taking my questions there), a Cafaro infomercial taping , and a couple of "cattle call" type events for candidates, a Northern Medina County Dems event, and a spaghetti dinner with the Lorain AFL, at which most of our Dems could be found. The Elyria Democratic Women also had an event. But I will tell ya, that cheesesteak was DAMN good.

So, one at a time...

It's obvious that Betty Sutton made an impression on the gathered assembly (PsychobillyD, and Word of Mouth give their impressions). I, and my fellow editors have yet to listen to the full transcript, and will reserve final judgement until then. A couple of responses seemed a bit wanting, but there were also some signs of Sutton getting it. At least as made to appear by the transcripts portions we've read, she seemed very measured in her speech, in a way that gives us bad Kerry flashbacks... Scott at Word of Mouth mentions that she "is not the grand orator." I guess we all have our biases in how we want our candidates to sound, though, and this is clearly the most we've gotten from Sutton so far.

Certainly a novel idea, and another example of how the Cafaro team is doing the best job so far of reaching out to the "mainstream" media. I swear, Capri gets coverage for everything. She also appears to have a sense of humor, judging by her light-hearted acknowledgement of the "shopping heiress" tag. Of course, one quote in the article, from an unnamed campaign aide, has started yet another blogosphere s**tstorm.
$250,000 a week in TV. This figure immediately raised the ire of Jill at Writes Like She Talks. First, I find it doubtful that the Cafaro campaign would spend that much throughout the race; strategically, it's not sound, and while media is expensive, that much over eight weeks would create a degree of viewer fatigue that would be counterproductive. Maybe the last week, but doubt the whole way from now til the end. Second, so what? If she does, and Jill is right that votes cannot be bought, it won't matter. The candidate with the best ideas will win. If votes can be bought, then the unstated premise is that voters are not smart enough to make informed decisions, and will rely on who they've seen the most.

Bill Grace, Capri Cafaro, Betty Sutton, John Wolfe, Michael Lyons, and Tom Sawyer all showed up at the Northern Medina County Democrats function, according to multiple sources. The first source gave an evenhanded assessment of the candidate's performance, including the suprising tidbit that Michael Lyons seemed to gain some traction. The candidates all worked the room, and Grace, Sutton and Cafaro (who according to the source has spent more time on the ground in that area than any other candidate) were all well received. Sawyer kept a slightly lower profile (according to my second source), and John Wolfe was well liked, if as (source 1 said), a bit grandfatherly.

This event was well attended by candidates as well, as most of the field made an appearance. This room was competitive, but had something of a pro-Cafaro lean to it (Cooks wearing Cafaro T-Shirts, gold saw pins very visible). Not much more from the event yet, looking to get more details filled in.

Don't have much concrete on this one, but if you do, let us know.

As usual, we welcome comments, corrections, missing details, and any other ideas. Feel free to get on board and give some input.

And yes, if you disagree, or we have offended you, or you hate us, or think we're evil, or bulls**t, or have any other complaints, let us know too.

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Blogger NickLin said...

Rumor has it Capri hit a grand slam at all the events. She sure is working hard on the ground...good for her.

6:15 AM

Blogger politicalknifefight said...

I was at both the Elyria and AFL events. Both were Capri Cafaro love-fests. At the women's event, at least 60% of the women in attendance were wearing Cafaro for Congress stickers. At the AFL at least 50 had Cafaro for Congress shirts on. In addition, anybody who was anybody had either gold SAW pins or Cafaro stickers. Grace was there for a half hour and left disgusted. Sutton was there for about a half hour. Sawyer was there and talked to almost no one. Cafaro was there waiting tables and cleaning up afterwards. She did a lot to dispel her shopping center heiress tag.

10:36 AM

Blogger a said...

As a Medina resident, I can't remember the last event I hadn't seen Cafaro at.

8:18 PM


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