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Thursday, February 16, 2006

An attack of thoughtfulness interrupts blogging and Filings as of 4:05 PM (5 minutes past the deadline)

Sorry for the downtime, but considering the last few days, it's been necessary. Between the takedown of Paul Hackett, the astroturfing scandal at High and Broad, and just generally being pissed off at the system under which we operate, it'd been a little disconcerting.

This is John, Editor #2 speaking here. I do most of the writing here at Ohio 13; Eds. 1 and 3 do more of the talking to people and digging up dirt. I never had a horse in the Hackett/Brown sweepstakes; I frankly thought both could do a good job and beat DeWine. That being said, when I saw how the shit went down this week, a part of my belief in my party died. I am not a young naif unaccustomed to the world of realpolitik; I've studied politics at the graduate and undergraduate level, and in the past, spent time working in the field in my home state. Still, to see what hamhandedness and backroom politics have done to the online activist base is disheartening. While I would be the first to admit that the online world has differing priorities than the Votersphere (TM), and I would beg all of my fellow bloggers to keep it in mind a little bit more, this still strikes me as a big f**k you to a great number of people who work tirelessly, without compensation or in many cases even thanks, for the greater good of the party. Whether you supported Brown or Hackett, you have to admit, the means were horrible, in the short and long runs, for the development of a strong Democratic party.

Well, back to Ohio 13, which leads me to what I find odd. This race will be absolutely insane. Too many strong but vulnerable candidates on the D side, one strong but ridiculously vulnerable candidate on the R side. There's a lot to talk about in this race. But so far, I have yet to see a single solitary well-thought out and researched positive argument for any single candidate. And I admit, we haven't been in that business here; as soon as we would do that, we'd get accused of showing favoritism and get crapped on, with some reason, by the readers and fellow bloggers. But with the establishment telling us to vote for Betty Sutton, with TV ads telling us to vote for Capri Cafaro, some commited activists telling us to vote for John Wolfe, Bill Grace telling us to vote for Bill Grace, and well, no one in particular telling us to vote for Tom Sawyer, no one has given a reason why. Instead, everyone has spent time on the attack, mostly against Capri Cafaro.

Admittedly, Cafaro is an easy target... It's just frustrating that everyone says "she's evil," and no one has come up with any reason to vote FOR any other candidate. Just kinda depressing... And trust me, there are negatives enough to go around in this race. My colleagues have had fun with LEXIS-NEXIS enough to know that Sutton, Sawyer and Grace have some rather sizable negatives attached to them too.

Shortly after beginning this online oddysey, a blogger whom the three of us respect greatly warned us that we should get used to others taking credit for our work. I laughed it off at first, as I figured that that was the nature of the blogosphere, shared info, shared credit, etc. Well, when I saw that someone had essentially taken our idea to create an info source for the race and turn it into a hit site against a candidate, I remembered that warning. It is kind of upsetting to try to work hard to remain somewhat useful, unbiased and relevant, and see that all we've managed to do is insipre a knock-off site that is dedicated to the opposite of what we had hoped to achieve. Oh well, enough about my bitchin, let's get to reporting...

This is going to be strange. All told, there are 7 Dems and 8 R's filed.

Capri Cafaro
Norbert Dennerll
Bill Grace
Michael Lyons (?!?!?) Our first mystery candidate!
Tom Sawyer (So he did file... )
Betty Sutton
John Wolfe

Ruth Nader Abboud (I think the Ohio Dems might want to remove her name from their website now)
Paul Burtzlaff
Anthony Cirino
C. J. DeLorean
Craig Foltin
Lawrence Jaycox
David McGrew
Joe Ortega

Well, the odds on there being more R's than D's filed were kind of low, but at least we should hopefully see some wingnuttery par excellence from some of the minor candidates. If you know anything about the non-Foltin/Ortega/McGrew R's, feel free to share. Can the 7 dwarfs arrange enough sexually explicit phone calls with Snow Foltin to make it competitive? Likewise, Mike Lyons on the D side better know something we don't... like who the hell he is, for starters...

So on the D side, we have 3 Summit (I know, Sutton's in Geauga, but she considers herself Summit), 2 Lorain (I know, Cafaro is from everywhere, but she has a house in Lorain County), one Cuyahoga (Norbert! Norbert! Do not even think of resisting the awesome power of the Yellow Barrel of Magic!!!) and one guy who has kinda drifted up from the ether of non-existence into this race. A 50 year age range from youngest to oldest on the D side. Well, this should be fun. The idea of the unintentional comedy and political shenanigans this race should bring is enough to restore my faith in the process. Almost, anyways.

We can be reached at ohio13 at gmail dot com


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