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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Air wars begin

This morning, when one of our august group dared rise before the crack of 2:30 PM, they turned on the TV and did espy a Capri Cafaro political ad. A sixty second political ad. Very interesting to see her up this early, although long-time readers will know we are not surprised, having predicted this last month.

The ad was made like two ads in one; the campaign may well be able to split the two halves up and use them seperately, should they choose. The first half was all black and white, with photos of Capri and voice-overs giving her resumé. Standard biographical opening. Then, in color, the second half of the ad has Cafaro talking to the camera about how we need to "Save America's Workers." Judging by the print ad, and its appearance here in the tv ad, I'm ammusing we've found her slogan.

All in all, nothing groundbreaking in this ad, but we are pretty sure the important facet of the ad is that it is on the air at all. Frankly, this ad won't have any great impact in swaying voters; this seems more of a "hi, how ya doing? You're gonna have to spend a ton of money" message to Sutton, Sawyer, and Grace. The real fun will be how wach campaign responds. Will Sawyer stay in? Will Sutton try an early buy, or will she and her people use the opportunity to attack Cafaro? Will Bill Grace have second thoughts on how far $400,000 will go in this race? Let the fun begin.

In other news, Betty Sutton picked up another endorsement this week from Laborers Local 310, which, according to the press release, represents workers in Cuyahoga, Lake, and Geauga Counties. As for the significance of this, we are noticing that Sutton is releasing one or two endorsements each week. Strategically, it's probably the endorsement version of what Cafaro is doing with TV, getting out front, creating the aura of front-runnership. It's clear that at this point, this race has two frontrunners, Cafaro and Sutton, and the deciding factor will be how Wolfe, Sawyer, Grace et al. take votes from one or the other. This is why primaries are unpredicatble and thus why parties detest them so; one cannot rig what one cannot control.

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