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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Who's pulled petitions in Summit County? (As of 10:30 AM Tuesday) UPDATE: LORAIN NEEDS TO FIX THEIR PHONES

Well, we are the naturally curious sort, so we made a call to the Summit County Board of Elections to check on who exactly has and has not pulled petitions for the 13th District race. The ease of ballot access in Ohio (50 sigs and 85 bucks according to the Secretary of State's Ohio Candidate's Guide) may lead to a strange election.

So far, five D's and 2 R's have pulled petitions in Summit County. Not surprising, except that of these, only three names (2 D, 1 R) we'd come across to this point are among them.

D's we knew:
Tom Sawyer
John Wolfe

R we knew:
David McGrew

New Faces
Ronald Neal, Jr.- Google proved to be little help. It came up with phone results for "Ronald Neal"'s in Avon Lake and Barberton.
Michael R. Shaw- As one might imagine, Mike Shaw or Michael Shaw brings up a ton of people. Should he decide to run, we'd like to ask him for our sake, to change his name to something more unique. Altho, according to this Wikipedia entry, there is a former pro wrestler named Mike Shaw who runs a wrestling school in Ohio somewhere. If this is the guy, this blog will write itself. If it is not, we'd like to request that wrestler Michael Shaw piledrive the other Mike Shaw, and get on the ballot in his place.
Richard Bowen- These darn common names. There's a dentist in Columbus, an architect in Berea, and a few others.

Ruth Nader Abboud- Well, at least we're pretty sure she exists. Although the lady at the Summit BOE said she pulled for the GOP nod, the Ohio Democratic Party Website lists her as a Democratic Officeholder (School board).

We will contact the other counties to see if others have pulled petitions there.


UPDATE: We have tried to call the Lorain County BOE to get who, if anyone has pulled petitions there. Apparently their phones do not work. Just dead silence. We will continue to check them out, however, and maybe, should whatever is happening there get fixed, come up with answers.



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