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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Well, we guess she's running

According to today's Lorain Morning Journal, Capri Cafaro will be running. Seeing that everyone and their uncle was working under that assumption, not a surprise. We obviously view anything that will make the race more interesting as a plus; Cafaro is the only candidate that is truly feared by the DC elites backing Sutton. She is capable of beating Sutton for a number of labor endorsements, and outspending Sutton on the race.

From Roll Call, Jan. 9, 2006:

While former state Rep. Betty Sutton (D) has emerged as the early favorite among party insiders in the open-seat contest in Ohio’s 13th district, her ability to win the Democratic primary could be complicated by the entrance of a wealthy shopping center heiress in the race.Capri Cafaro, who lost to an incumbent in a neighboring district in 2004, is expected to reveal soon whether she will run for the Cleveland-area seat that Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) is vacating to run for Senate.Former Rep. Tom Sawyer (D), who represented the 14th district from 1986 to 2002, is also running in the May 2 primary.Democratic strategists are touting Sutton’s candidacy largely because they view her as the party’s strongest nominee in a district that favors Democrats. She has already garnered the support of two unions, and backers say that more organized labor support will follow.

Later in the article, it continues the theme that Betty Sutton has never lost an election, something her supporters bring up repeatedly. While true, one has to look at the elections she's won. She had a ridiculously safe D state assembly seat. You could paint a D on a fire hydrant, and if it was on the ballot as a Democrat, it would have won comfortably. So while good rhetoric, it is not exactly the whole story.

It's a good day for the blog and the junkies tho; it looks like we have a lightning rod. As we mentioned previously, Cafaro will be the central figure, if not the favorite, in this campaign. People either love her or hate her, and we've seen some of both already. Her entrance ensures that we'll have plenty of fun stuff to report.

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