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Monday, January 23, 2006

Sorry for the down time, and what should come next

Sorry, strange weekend. Let's just say that real life can even interfere with the blogosphere sometimes.

As for news, Elyria Mayor Bill Grace has decided to sit the race out, according to the LBJ and the ECT. We respond with a only slightly muffled yawn, as we figured the noises being made about his possible candidacy were so far-fetched and unlikely as to make it infeasible. It would have been very difficult, especially at this late date, for Mayor Grace to raise the money that will be necessary to compete effectively in the race.

Otherwise, We have yet to mention Dave McGrew, who's running for the GOP nod in the race. There, we've mentioned him.

Essentially, here's what we're waiting to see:

1. Does Foltin run? Our best guess is no, but ya never know. If Bob Ney can survive probable indictment to keep running, Foltin must look at sex chat with police dispatchers and reprimands for cronyism and think that's small potatoes.

2. Who wins labor support? Labor will play a vital role in this district. We'll lay odds that Sawyer doesn't see much love. Sutton and Cafaro will battle it out for support. The State AFL-CIO is meeting this week to discuss Ohio races, and we expect this race will be heavily discussed. A win by either candidate here would be a huge boost.

3. Will Tom Sawyer follow through with the race? We're guessing it's fifty-fifty.

4. Will Sutton, Sawyer, etc. move to the district? Capri Cafaro upped the ante by moving into the district, and this may put pressure on the others to follow suit. Whatever happens though, judging by the NEO blogosphere's reactions thus far, it will be Capri Cafaro's fault. There seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to despise her in some quarters. Oh well, no one said it would be easy for her.

5. How big of an impact will social issues play in this race? In economic issues, it appears the candidates are all (except Tom Sawyer) on the same playing field. If the race effectively comes down to Cafaro and Sutton, it will be interesting to see where social issues break for the two. While neither could be confused for a conservative, Sutton hews as far left on most issues as is electorally feasible, while judging from her previous campaign, Cafaro is somewhat more moderate. We'll cover this comparison in-depth at a later date.

So, that's it from the main office. Make sure to leave a note letting us know what's going on, and get on us if we're missing stuff.

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