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Friday, January 27, 2006

Quick Update and Weekend Open thread

Just a quick update, we've received official word of what I gather everyone has already guessed; Both Betty Sutton and Capri Cafaro have pulled petitions for this race. We doubt anyone more will, although, you really never know.

As for your project this weekend boys and girls, let's talk candidates. Who will you be supporting? Make a good positive argument for them. Make the blogosphere believe what you believe (although facts and supporting material are nice too.) Sway the folks who are reading. Here's your chance; take it to the comments.

We may have a post this weekend, but likely not, so, have a good one, and let's keep it clean people.



Blogger wpblogger said...

Rumor has it, though I cannot confirm it, that Jack Shira has decided to run for State Representative instead of Congress. If true, that takes at least one person out of the primary. Does anyone have any other updates on other candidates?

8:23 AM

Blogger Ohio 13 said...

According to the Plain Dealer, that rumor is true... it will be discussed in the blog on Monday.


9:18 AM


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