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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

PSA: John Wolfe on Meet the Bloggers

Tomorrow, from 10 to 11 at Talkies Coffee in Cleveland, John Wolfe will be featured on Meet the Bloggers. While not officially involved in Meet the Bloggers, Ohio 13 Blog fully supports their efforts to engage the Ohio blogosphere with the political figures of the area. Should be interesting to check out, to see what Wolfe has to offer.


Blogger Pho said...

You are officially invited. Which is to say, anyone with a blog can go. Frankly, Wolfe is unlikely to provide much more than comic relief in this race, so I'm not going, but we all are invited.

9:01 PM

Blogger scott bakalar said...

I actually did attend this MTB session, and met Wolfe.

He seems the distinguished gentleman, looking for additional life challenges.

His views are very progressive, and I found that rather pleasantly surprising. He even, with the help and encouragement of Tim Russo, put on a "New Deal" FDR-ish
W.P.A. spin on his ideas for revitalizing the local economies.

Alas though, I must agree with Pho - Wolfe is concentrating his efforts on the national front/national issues, rather than speaking as to how his campaign will benefit the people of the 13th district.

If Sutton, Sawyer, Cafaro, or whoever can bring tangible, real, do-able ideas to the table for benefitting the 13th - they may have a shot.

9:46 AM

Blogger Hattie Nuff said...

With regards to Scott's comments, here's my concern....

Look what is happening to our country on a national level. Today's big news - the stacking of the Supreme Court with a big surprise that John Kerry and Ted Kennedy will step up to lead a filibuster. Why is that a surprise? Why don't we have Democrats in office that we can always count on to do the right thing?

The fact that the candidates other than Wolfe are skipping the subject of this war makes me think they will look the other way just like many of the Dems in Congress do now. And even if they don't look the other way, will they know what to do?

This is critical stuff. Our national security is suffering greatly. The borrowing of money for this war has put our country over the barrel. Our civil rights are being plucked away one by one.

What are we going to do? We need national leaders of a the right caliber to be able to figure out how to get us out of this horrible mess.

Who we elect in this race directly impacts all of those things. Having a progressive voice to replace Sherrod's in Congress is a very important thing.

Just about anything else these candidates promise is that - a promise. These national issues, such as the war, stopping the illegal spying on Americans, and investigation of the crimes that have been committed against the United States, these are issues a Congressperson can get in and have an effect on right away.

Rebuilding Ohio is something that needs to happen but is not going to be accomlished in a 2-year term. That takes a group, not an individual, and lots of hard and tedious work. Can you imagine how tough this will be to do without stacking the deck against the environment, the unions, or the business owners?

I think a team of entrepreneurs is who needs to work on revitalizing Ohio. I don't think there is going to be any money left for government programs.

4:06 AM


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