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Monday, January 30, 2006

Pho on Cafaro and Residency in General

As I had noted before, there are those in the NEO blogosphere that have not taken kindly to a Capri Cafaro candidacy. Seemed kneejerk at first, albeit somewhat understandable. Pho's Akron Pages has been among these. Well, there is a new post at Pho's discussing Cafaro, and we were struck by Pho's attempt to reasonably look at it, and make clear his objections. Everything he brings up will become an issue in the race, and his willingness to set ground rules for "fair game" in the discussion is admirable, if perhaps futile. He also acknowlegdes that Capri is not the Devil, and was no way involved with the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby (not really, but he has some good things to say about her, which may be a NEO blogosphere first)

We do disagree with a couple of points in his piece however, and we'll be succinct. First, until we know more about Betty Sutton, and more about Capri Cafaro too, it's tough to make an argument about Betty Sutton vs. Capri Cafaro, as to whether or not "she (Capri) is so fantabulously better than Betty Sutton on anything that it's worth burning through hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions to Dems."
The second is the continuing focus on where she has or hasn't lived. The House of Representatives, the Senate, and State Assemblies all around the country are filled with people who are not exactly "native" sons and daughters of the areas they represent, or are at least portrayed that way. In Ohio, Tim Ryan was hit with these arguments when he first ran for office because he spent time away at college and law school. Heck, Hillary Clinton is about as native a New Yorker as we are. Kennedies have run for office in more states than we've visited in our lives. There are legion stories of congressional staffers running to succeed their bosses, despite never having lived in the district. It is not unprecedented in any regard. It is one of the realities of politics that location can be overcome; Betty Sutton lives in Chardon (outside the district), and Tom Sawyer is just outside the district, thanks to the devilish minds of redistricters. Does that leave John Wolfe as the only legitimate candidate?

Accusations of cynicism have merit, to be sure. But is it any less cynical for Betty Sutton to not run where she lives because she'd have to face a difficult race against an incumbent? No, if only because almost every decision made by almost every politician is informed with a healthy dose of cynicism. Wesee it as both candidates have the right to gravitate toward the stiller waters and go after that open seat. While we understand that there are differences between their situations, we also see similarities, and believe that the candidates should run this race on stuff that might, you know, actually impact peoples lives. Like jobs, healthcare, stuff like that.

Overall though, a good read, and an impressive effort to raise the level of discourse. As usual, we highly recommend his work, even if we don't always agree with it (although we do agree with it quite frequently). All of these candidates will have enough mud and dirt to legitimately throw around on each other that we can have a swell time without arguing over who's lived where when.

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