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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Other political Happenings, and a Tom Sawyer Sighting UPDATE OR MAYBE NOT

Well, these even years will bring about a number of races throughout OH-13, and the state. We wanted to take the opportunity to state, for the record, that this blog will attempt to cover some of the statewide, and General Assembly races impacting OH 13. Just not right this minute. As it impacts our little bailiwick, it will find its way one the site.

A couple of days ago, we noted that John Wolfe was appearing with the North Medina Dems. He apparently wasn't alone. Tom Sawyer made an appearance there as well, so he is no longer flying entirely under the radar. Awaiting word on how well he was received. UPDATE: Our Apologies. We may have rushed to print on this one. According to other Sources, Tom Sawyer did not attend.

So much is happening under the radar, but so little is able to go to press as of yet. We'll hopefully have some more info later today, as some leads continue to get followed up on.

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