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Friday, January 13, 2006

Open Thread for the weekend

Slow news day today, after the buzzing and happenings of this week. So, we're putting up the weekend open thread.

Obviously, you can discuss whatever, but we're interested in the questions we previously posited:

1. Who are you leaning towards/ supporting/ loving/ working for, and why?
2. What other race interests you the most and why? This can range from Governor to dogcatcher to any race in between.

We'll abstain from question 1, but as for 2, the AG's race piques our interest. Marc Dann seems like a great guy, would make a capable AG and a very interesting candidate. Subodh Chandra, while the underdog, also seems quite acceptable, and would be a quality AG as well. The GOP race has a frontrunner in State Sen. Tim Grendell, who will have to battle the entire "fox guarding the henhouse" thing most likely. Should be a fun race.

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Blogger Hattie Nuff said...

My candidate of choice is John Wolfe. John shares the values that are important to me - the same values demonstrated by Sherrod Brown as our Congressman.

It is very important to me that Bush's war be ended, and that Bush and his administration receive their just due for the crimes they have committed against humanity and against the people of the United States. In Congress, I believe that John Wolfe would voice my own concerns about the results of Bush's war - over the tremendous loss of life, the devastating financial loss to our country, and the swift erosion of the civil liberties of the people of this nation.

I agree with John on every issue that is explained on his website - - which includes cancellation of the foreign trade agreements NAFTA & CAFTA, promotion of Single Payer Health Care for all Ohioans, and repeal of the recently-passed Bankruptcy Act.

John is a life-long resident of the 13th District, just like me. John is not a career politican, and he is a straight-talker. He is a self-employed employment attorney who represents individuals against corporations, and has practiced law for 50 years. John is quite knowledgeable in local and world issues. He is a veteran of WWII, and has wisdom that can come only with age.

I am confident that when John Wolfe goes to Capitol Hill we can rest assured that he will be doing the job he has been sent to do - representing us, the people of the 13th district, in a manner truly reflective of our values and beliefs.

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