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Thursday, January 12, 2006

New News and Old News on The R side

It appears now that, despite his protestations that he didn't want to be cannon fodder, Lorain Mayor Craig Foltin is going to jump into the race. The GOP honchos in DC must be willing to commit a lot of money to get him to jump... and even with that money, he remains an underdog to any major contender. It's a strong lean D district, and the Dem survivor, whomever it may be, will have the profile and money to make a GOP pickup unlikely. Not to mention the fact that, well, you know, the Ohio GOP has been perhaps as corrupt and unpopular as any party at any time in Ohio history. Besides that, maybe it could work.

Considering the checkered histories (voting, personal or otherwise) of the major Dem contenders and the generally uphill nature of the race, we'd presume the GOP would try to find the cleanest, most straight-arrow candidate they could. The problem is (other than as soon as one takes a drive through downtown Lorain, the mayor would seem more likely to be recalled than promoted) that Craig Foltin's past is just as "interesting" as the Dem field.

Like most public figures, Foltin has left a legacy. Unlike most figures, his includes accusations of having a phone conversation with a police dispatcher that was sexually themed. We understand that it can seem like an emergency when it's been a while since the last, well, you know, but we are almost certain that is not what the police force fits under that category. Maybe he dialed 1-800 instead of 1-900 by mistake.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Aug. 6, 2003:

The lurid details of a taped conversation that appears to be between Mayor Craig Foltin and a police dispatcher became public yesterday.
Two weeks ago, an anonymous person sent the six-minute tape to City Council President Kenneth Shawver. The tape includes several instances of sexual bantering.
The phone rings and the mayor says, "Hey.""You have a great . . .," a woman says."Who is this?" the mayor jokes.
The two laugh as they discuss details from a recent night.Foltin also speaks about attending a retirement party, and a meeting with state, county and city officials on improvements to Colorado Avenue and going to court to acquire property from residents.

And a few paragraphs later:

After listening to the tape with a reporter, Foltin said the conversation was from 11/2 years ago, though he never conceded that it was his voice.
Listening to a portion of the tape, Foltin said, "I don't remember any of those conversations." After the entire tape was played, he said: "I think it's tough to tell. I can't tell if it's me. What do you think?"
Foltin would not say whether he had dated a police dispatcher. "Right now, I am settled down and engaged to a lovely girl," he said, declining to identify her. His fiancee does not work for the city, he said.

We at OH-13 are unsure of what the bigger laugh is: is it that he was enjoying a sexual phone conversation with an on-duty police dispatcher, he was too stupid to realize that the POLICE TAPE ALL THE CALLS, or that when presented with the calls, he knew when they were made, but was unsure if he was the one on them? Was he just listening in to calls between a police dispatcher and someone who sounded remarkably like him? Enquiring minds and political junkies want to know, even if Mayor Foltin isn't sure about the whole deal.

If Karl Rove has taught us anything, it is the value of plausible deniability. Unfortunately, Foltin must have missed that day in "Hiding the Bodies 101." We at Ohio 13 think that Foltin's campaign staff better keep a close eye on his phone bills, just to be on the safe side.


Blogger scott bakalar said...

I too think that Foltin will go for the 13th. Had the DCCC at my site yesterday googlin' "Foltin".

It would seem to me the DCCC would have better things to do.

What I don't understand is how does one go (in one's own mind) from cannon fodder to possible GOP front runner? Would one seriously run actually knowing they couldn't win?

Inquiring minds want to know...

11:02 PM

Blogger Pho said...

Might Foltin think he has a chance due to Cafaro's entry? The logic goes like this: Cafaro is clearly carpetbagging. From what little I know about Lorain Co., they are no happier about being represented by outsiders than we in Summit are. Meanwhile, the center of gravity in the district tends toward the North. If Capri minces in and takes the nomination and turns people off as well as effectively as she did in Ohio 14 in '04, a Lorain Co. Republican may have a chance.

Surely the Republicans have to be thinking along these lines. As I grind my teeth at the very thought of a Cafaro campaign, I certainly am.

11:42 AM


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