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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The lay of the land, D and R

A brief summary of Ohio 13, the campaign, and all that fun stuff...
(Statistics from Almanac of American Politics 2006, and other public sources.)

Map of the 13th District

527 sq. mi in area, strecting from the Lake Erie lakeshore in Lorain County around Cleveland and down into parts of Akron and points south, including parts of Lorain, Cuyahoga, Summit and Medina Counties

92.7% urban, 18.5% non-white

Kerry won the district 56 to 44 in 2004, Gore won 53 to 44 in 2000

Current incumbent is Sherrod Brown. Since these district lines have been in effect, he has not had a competitive race.

13th is an industrial area, with strong and active participation in politics by labor unions.

Our contestants in this race (note: includes presumptions, and potentially gossip and wild speculation):

D: Capri Cafaro (2004 candidate in OH 14)
Tom Sawyer (Ex-congressman)
Betty Sutton (Former State Senator)
John Wolfe (Attorney)

R: Joe Ortega (Businessman)

Other names, such as Lorain County Commissioner Ted Kalo (D), Former State Rep. Walter Jones (D), and Lorain Mayor Craig Foltin (R) have circulated in the rumor mill; however, our sources have given us good reason to believe these three will sit out the race.

Just a brief intro to the race. Let us know if you see any information that we are missing.

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