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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Foltin still doesn't know... or he knows, but isn't letting on

Well, the Lorain Morning Journal has an interesting article about Lorain Mayor Craig Foltin this morning. Apparently he's "thinking" about the race. We at OH-13 are thinking about running as a triumvirate of consuls to rule Rome and her terrirories, but that doesn't make the papers. Apparently the man, who didn't know whether or not it was him engaging in sexually explicit TAPED phone calls with a police dispatcher, now doesn't know if he's running for congress or not. Considering his memory, we hope he's written his name on his underwear, so he doesn't forget that too.

As a public service to the absent-minded mayor Foltin, we here thought we'd remind him of another thing he's done... it fits right in with the GOP's talk of ending corruption and cronyism in government.

From the May 25th, 2001 Plain Dealer article entitled: "Ethics panel scolds mayor of Lorain for giving friend a job" (EMPHASIS ADDED):

LORAIN - The Ohio Ethics Commission has reprimanded Mayor Craig Foltin for appointing a business associate to a city job last spring.

Foltin also supported the friend, attorney Michael Provenza, for a later Police Department position and most recently as parks maintenance superintendent.

Provenza was Foltin's campaign manager and owns four rental properties with him. Provenza was assistant city prosecutor in 1998, when Foltin was auditor.

The Ethics Commission said it did not recommend criminal charges against Foltin because Provenza did not benefit from the position financially. Provenza was hired as city sealer on March 13, 2000, but resigned April 25, 2000, and returned his two uncashed paychecks to the city.

Foltin said he has learned a lesson. "Before I make virtually any decisions, I better think carefully and examine everything," he said yesterday. "If I have any questions, I will certainly call the Ethics Commission."

So, Mayor Foltin gives a crony a plum job or three, gets caught, and the lesson he learns is to "think carefully before making virtually any decision?" Maybe he should have learned that politics should not be pay for play, or that corruption can get you in trouble, but no, he learned to think carefully. Although, after the naughty police dispatcher phonecalls, we're not sure the lesson took.

And note that he said "virtually any decisions..." We want to know, what decisions involving the management to the city of Lorain do not involve careful thought? Please list your ideas in the comments.


In other news, we'd like to welcome the House of Representatives staffer who came to visit yesterday. He or she was referred by searching for LaTourette on Google Blogsearch. So, assuming you are a LaTourette staffer, we have a deal. We'll set up a collection (so far, the three of us are up to $28.75) and donate it to the LaT campaign, if he shaves the beard and stache. C'mon, it's a good deal! Everyone, make your pledges in the comments.

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