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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A few upcoming events, and some random scuttlebutt

Slowly but surely. word on campaign events is leeching out, like so much lead based paint.
John Wolfe will be at Donato's Pizza in Brunswick, State Route 303, for a meeting of the North Medina Democrats, at 6:30 PM.

Betty Sutton will be the featured speaker at the Medina County Democratic Women's Dinner and Recognition Awards on Jan. 28. See the Medina County Democrats Website for more details.

As we hear more, you'll hear more.

Speaking of which, it is looking like a more solid assumption that Tom Sawyer won't be the candidate. The unions are, at absolute best, cold towards him, and the reality is somewhere closer to openly hostile. Looking over his FEC reports from his last two runs, he clearly was not a prolific fundraiser from individuals, garnering most of his money from PACs, party orgs, other campaign committees, etc. When a incumbent, this is a workable strategy. However, as a challenger in a contested primary, individual donors are very important, and without them or the ability to self-fund, any edge in name ID can be offset by air time. He's filed nothing new yet with the FEC, so probably won't know for sure about Tom until the petitions are pulled (or not).

Capri Cafaro has been relatively quiet publicly, athough a number of labor sources tell us she's making the rounds to them. Apparently, she's being relatively well-received. We think it's only a matter of time until she jumps in... as soon as she does, for better of for worse, she will probably become the central attraction. She's young, reasonably attractive, intelligent, with a controversial background and a cool sounding name. She's packaged for media attention, probably quite a bit of it negative, if her previous campaign was any idea. Cafaro will be, if not the candidate to beat, the candidate to run against. And that can be a dangerous place (ask Howard Dean about Iowa sometime), or a very beneficial one, depending on how well the candidate's campaign plays the role.

John Wolfe wins the award for the first campaign to contact us. We do appreciate it, and we highly recommend that every campaign include us on press release lists, press advisory lists , distribution lists for public schedules, conference calls, as well as strategy sessions, payrolls and lists of people who get jobs after elected. Well, at least the first four... and the last one would be nice too. Again, the focus has been on the bigger name candidates thus far, but Wolfe is out and about working the traditional campaign circuit, and should he surprise in fundraising or organization, bigger upsets have happened. In a multi-way primary, anything can happen.

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