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Thursday, January 12, 2006

EMILY's List and a new candidate

Emily's List made its endorsement in this race today, endorsing Betty Sutton. It is not a surprise, as winds out of DC have been swirling in that direction for a while. Most observers assumed it would happen eventually. We here at OH-13 figured it would happen a little later, when people other than junkies were paying attention. Well, congrats Team Sutton. This should guarantee a fun-filled competitive primary, as this means Sutton will have some funds to play with. If she becomes the "DC" candidate, it gives her strength, but leaves her vulnerable to attack for that same DC support. Politics is full of such ironies.

The reactions of other campaigns should be interesting. Sawyer, for obvious genetic reasons, was not going to get it, but had to hope that perhaps they would stay out of it. With Union support not forthcoming, Sawyer had to hope for some support from women's groups and pro-choice organizations, as his voting record on those issues was very much in step with their views. Cafaro, while probably disappointed, is not seriously affected by this. The ability to self-fund can do that. It does ruin any hope she may have harbored of running over the field, although in a race like this, it seemed highly unlikely anyways, for any candidate. Had the List stayed out, it would have worked greatly to Cafaro's advantage, so this development pretty much ensures a competitive race here.

In other news, despite word from EMILY's List we have hears of another new person putting forward his name into the race... Jack Schira, from Medina County. Will have more on him as events develop, although a major part of his message is that he is the only one from inside the district running.

None of us have ever attended a 5-way primary debate... It would certainly be an event worth watching.

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Blogger Hattie Nuff said...

5-way debate? Do you mean that figuratively or literally? A debate would be great! I would love to see some interaction amongst the candidates. We can't afford to just send anyone to DC, the stakes are so high these days. We need to know what the candidates are all about and where they stand on the issues that they will have to deal with on Capitol Hill.

4:53 PM

Blogger Amanda Armstrong said...

Jack Schira will be at the next Medina County Young Democrats meeting (which is Thursday, January 19th at 7pm at Cool Beans on the square.) He'll be speaking about his race and welcomes questions. If anyone is interested, we'd love to see you there.

Amanda Armstrong
Medina County Young Democrats

(for more information, feel free to contact me at, or at 330 465 7933)

6:29 PM

Blogger Ohio 13 said...


purely literally... unless one lives in new hampshire, Iowa, or maybe South Carolina, rarely do that many people share a stage for a political debate. It would be fun

7:33 PM

Blogger Working Man said...

The Northern Medina County Democrats had John Wolfe, Capri Cafaro and Jack Schira in the same meeting this past Tuesday. Tom Sawyer wasn't there. The NMCDs expect Jack Schira, Capri Cafaro, Tom Sawyer, Betty Sutton and John Wolfe to all be at their February 24th fundraiser.

7:41 PM

Blogger Hattie Nuff said...

The new Akron-Summit library has a really nice ampitheater that would be a fantastic place for this debate. It will hold 475 people. They do allow political gatherings. We'd also need a repeat performance in the northern part of the District.

- Hattie

9:15 AM

Blogger Ohio 13 said...

working man,

any word on how the candidates comported themselves? Who sounded good, who was off? What were there themes and messages?

10:59 AM

Blogger Hattie Nuff said...

I was not at either meeting but I heard that Capri Cafora was talking about healthcare; and that John Wolfe talked mostly about ending the war and bringing jobs back to Ohio.

12:09 PM

Blogger Working Man said...

Jack Schira is a member of the group and was in attendance to take care of normal Northern Medina County Democratic business. John Wolfe was the first to speak and Capri was the last. Jack really just acted as a gracious host. Capri and John did spar a bit in open Q&A, but nothing too intense. Jack is going to formally announce his candidacy at Cool Beans this coming Thursday at the Medina County Young Democrats meeting.

6:53 PM


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