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Thursday, January 12, 2006

A business note, and a thank you

First off, to make clear, this is essentially a Mon-Fri. blog... until we have ads and get to charge dailykos rates (please, let us charge dailykos rates), we need our weekends. Obviously around E-day, that will change. We tend to do most of our writing during business hours as well, so if you write us at night, your reply may be slowed somewhat. If we don't reply, it's not that we don't care; frankly, this blog has taken off much more quickly, and unintendedly than we ever expected. If we thought it would get this overwhelming this fast, we would have learned how to do a good blog. Thanks to everyone, from campaign staff, to event attendees to DC people and labor people, and everyone in between for helping us spread info, shine a light, and any other happy cliché one cares to insert.

We will be instituting open threads every Friday, to keep the action flowing. They'll be centered around two questions, each in two parts.

1. Who do you support, and why?
2. What other race in Ohio interests you the most, and why?

Save your answers for tomorrow's open thread though... otherwise, the weekend could get boring.

The Ohio 13 blog editors

we can be reached at ohio13 at gmail dot com


Blogger Hattie Nuff said...

yer gonna need your rest, as fast as this thing is moving! Have a great weekend! (which is the equivalent of a 3-week vacation in "campaign years")

8:02 PM


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