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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Another New Really Random Candidate?

Well, in doing our due diligence to find the news on OH 13, we discovered a sign of perhaps another new candidate. At Politics1, an invaluable national resource for political junkies, it keeps a full list of potential candidates, and updates it regularly. We had not checked its listings for Ohio 13 candidates for a couple of days. When we did, we found among the names rumored, names debunked, or actual candidates, another person listed as a D. Joshua Franchetti. Politics1 gives his occupation as "Engineering Technician" and a link goes to his email address, but otherwise it provides no more info.

So of course, we google the name. Judging by the results, Mr. Franchetti has kept a low public profile. The first hit goes to Lake Erie Walleye Magazine's 2003 Braggin' Board, where partway down the page, a Josh Franchetti is pictured with a ten pound, thirty inch walleye. While we are not sure that this is candidate Franchetti, no other site found by google matches "Josh Franchetti", and "Joshua Franchetti" returns only a German magic site. Should his entry into the race be legit, we highly recommend some significant press outreach, STAT.

Either way, welcome to the party, and hope that walleye has enough ready funds to give a max donation.



Blogger Hattie Nuff said...

Man, that's one nice fish!

12:05 PM

Blogger Paul said...

Actually he's not running for Congress, but he's running for the 27th state senate seat.

Check it out here:

5:16 AM

Blogger Josh said...

I have changed my campaign goals to the 27th Ohio Senate District.

It is time for Ohio to once again become the model in which other State's model themselves after, and I know that I can help make this happen if elected to the Senate.

12:26 PM

Blogger Capt. Lady Bridge said...


Good luck with your run.

Your always welcome to fish aboard the Lady Bridge.

11:59 AM


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